Thursday, April 30, 2009

G1-GP Season 2 opener

Wednesday night was the season opener of G1-GP season 2 , the Triathalon....the first race being Legends cars at the Stockton 1/4 mile oval. 11 drivers showed for the tiny oval brawl, 3 more than last seasons opener.

Jafo Tendaze put down the fastest lap in the 2 lap qualify to secure his first pole position . The race began and Jafo looked like he was in good position to take his first G1-GP win, in front and running steady...First lap was my one and only highlight of race, when i passed Sulla Looming who had drifted high in a turn , puting me in 3rd place behind Jafo and Suku Ming.

But the fortunes of racing can often change quickly and they did lap 5 when Nella Bocarra got a little loose coming into a turn and spun out . Jafo barely missed her swerving high, then coming back down into infield , and just barely not getting stuck nose first into wall (Legends cars have no reverse).

I wasnt so lucky , no time and no room to manuever i hit Nella and was then struck by Katier Reitveld , taking us both out of the race. This left veteran driver Suku Ming in the lead and in command for the next 42 laps . But the race was not over , Sulla Looming slowly gained on Suku lap after lap , finaly getting within striking distance in the closing laps (lap 47 of 50) , almost getting by , but Suku was steady as a rock , while Sulla swerved a little losing ground lap 48.

Suku held on for her first G1-GP win ...the following video shows the highlights ive detailed above . Good racing by all, next race is Rally cars on the short Gp track at Lienz.

Full WMV file can be download at .........

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Season 1 Highlights- Part 2

Here finaly part 2 of the G1-GP season 1 highlights..still not done though as this covers only rounds 5 and 6, next up will be part 3 with rounds 7 and 8.

After a 4 week pre-season , opening day for Season 2 has finally arrived , with Round 1 being Legends cars at the Stockton 1/4 mile oval. This should be a interesting race, as this track is only half the size of several of the oval raceways in Second Life.

Top drivers of the pre-season were Rattra Raymaker, Sulla Looming and Suzy Cuddihy. With new driver Remon Franizzi making his mark, and proving he will be one to watch.

Full sized WMV of the video can be downloaded at ......

ps note-- Yes the Nuerburg race was that dark by then end ...pitch black

Monday, April 20, 2009

FormulaSL Season 3 - Racer's Island

Laney Recreant wins big , 2008 FSL Round #4

This was, as many know, one of the more controversial races for RaceSL in awhile. I could go into length here why , but i dont want to take away from Laney Recreant's accomplishment because she certainly had nothing to do with controversey , and everything to do with the high level of skill, poise and class that RaceSL strives for .

Qualifying 5th, Laney raced the early portion of the race in 6th , slowly working her way up to 2nd place around time of the first pitstop and then taking the lead over from Remon Franizzi on lap 17 and never looked back , winning handily . Annie Gufler 2nd, and Yuriko Nishi Nishi 3rd.

Group B was a close battle between Hotspot Racings Silk Bamboo and Ramrod Racing Just Catteneo . Silk led for the first 18 laps before a incident sent her back to 3rd, and then back to 2nd where she chased Just closely for 4 laps before retaking the lead and the win . Just 2nd , myself 3rd. Molly Fitzgerald 4th .

The C race was another exciting one to watch , with 3 leaders swapping off during it , Zaria Falconer of Indrive led early on , then Motorato Ware for a couple laps before the pits . Molly Fitzgerald took over for a bit after the pit stops , before Moto took over for the remaining 8 laps and the winning , Molly 2nd , and Zaria 3rd after bouncing back from being last at one point.

Race D was a big one for Alice Racing vet Darko Revnik who , deservedly led from wire to wire, Darko has been putting in the time and effort in practice and it paid off here with a very nice drive and the advance up to C race. Racers island own Strife Leominster took 2nd and the advance with Am Pro veteran TFFox Tammas getting 3rd.

Next race will be in 2 weeks at the new beautiful desert track . Big thanks to Racers Island to hosting round 4 at their nice new Formula track, despite the controversey , a good time was had by most .

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

G1-GP Season 2 preview....

The G1-GP Rfactor league is steadily working up to the start of a new season. This time the racers are gonna have to race a variety of cars on a variety of tracks to test everyones strengths and weaknesses in a more diverse season .

There will be 3 races each of 3 different classes this time ... Legend coupes and sedans on small ovals and small road tracks..... Rally cars on mountain and offroad rally tracks and Formula 3 cars in dangerous downtown type city tracks .

Here is a little video showing some highlights from the test races weve run so far for all 3 classes....The season is slated to start Wednesday April 29th .

Also available to download the better quality WMV at ....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FormulaSL - Round3 at Snowpeach

Annie Gufler takes 3rd straight in Round 3
Another 40+ peeps crowded into the viewing room at a race track to partake in the current FormulaSL season, this time the venue is the venerable Snowpeach , owned by Count and Bibi Bayliss, long time contributors, supporters and participants in RaceSL.
32 racers entered the que to qualify for the 26 spots in the 4 races. Yuriko Nishi got her first FormulaSL pole position, in her bid to catch the runaway AM PRO driver Annie Gufler.
As always after qualify then a short break its time to run the races..first of the day is Group D , with Alice Racing veteran Darko Revnik on pole. Darko didnt have too good a start recieving some heavy contact and finished in 7th . This race belonged to Ram Pharoah , who got in the lead lap 4 and didnt look back . 2nd was Strife Leominster, 3rd was Nella Boccara. Saori Otsuka put on a very good performance in this race, Leading for 3 laps then chasing Ram for a bit , but falling behind out of 2nd finishing in 5th .
Group C ...may have been one of most back and forth battles weve seen in awhile..Stang Voom , Suzy Cuddihy and Remon Franizzi battled up front for most of this 20 lap race. Stang led for the first 2 , then fell way back for a bit after a early pitstop ,while Remon took over for 5 laps untill it was time for pits.
Stang led again untill spinning out , Suzy Cuddihy took over and was looking like she was cruising to a win, when she had a incident with traffic, a close battling Stang and Remon got by her, and battled each other in finals laps..Remon was just 1.6 seconds behind at lap 19, but Stang held on for the win, finish order of Stang, Remon, Suzy, Ram and Strife Leominster in top 5 .
Group B was all about how good a driver can get with enough practice, and in this case im talking about Shoshin ace Molly Fitzgerald . Her B race from pole this round was exciting and skill filled, dodging traffic, pitting well, and a back and forth battle with zT top cheese Stang Voom.
Molly led 15 laps and Stang led 10, but in the last part of the race it was all Molly and the battle was between Stang and InDrive Racing driver Caz Freschi . Caz was by into 2nd for laps 21 to 23 , but spun allowing Stang by for 2nd and the the advance.
Group A ...well lets see...Yuriko got pole ...then ...well my memory is a little blurry i just drove and finished where i did , id put a more detailed recap here...but im not sure anyone knows exactly what happened..mayhem .
The story of the A race was prolly Silk Bamboos awesome early chase of Annie after getting by the early mayhem . 11 laps Silk kept good pace with her , kept her in sight . Eventualy falling behind , but never out of 2nd , finishing 2nd , i finished 3rd , Jafo 4th , Yuriko 5th . Annie led the entire race eventualy lapping everyone atleast 2 times ..most of the field got lapped 3 times or more.
Impressive stats for season leader Annie Gufler ...after 3 races and 21 opponent finishes...only 1 time did someone finish on lead lap, Yuriko in Round 2. Currently Annie is 1st, Yuriko 2nd, Jafo 3rd...Archer hangs onto the team lead , with Am Pro close behind , InDrive in 3rd. Next saturday is round 4 at Racers island .

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Part 1 G1-GP Season 1 highlights

Heres part 1 of 2 , covering the first 4 races of season , i will release 2nd one soon covering races 5 to 8.

There is also a higher quality version available here for