Sunday, March 9, 2008

Race #12 , MotoSL season 3 finale

Lot of nerves going into this one with team championship at stake. A long week of practice for many who put alot of time into getting ready for this one . 23 riders came to play .

Unfortunately the qualify round had some lag for many , most of it not serious lag , but even a little during qualify can dash someones hopes on the day .

I hadnt had more doubts about my chances in a race than this one in a long time , wasnt too confident i would make Group A. Just trying my best was my main concern at this time .
Some how that translated into me grabbing Pole Position in Group A from Caine Beresford by just .003 seconds.

The attendant crowd was treated to 3 good races for LCQ, Group C where YumYum took her 3rd straight win in that group. Group B where Doll Kabuki won big and made it 2 in a row for the depo team .

Group A consisted of me on pole , Caine 2nd, Just C., Jafo, Fox Tammas and Kandy Tommorow.
For me i can sum up my view of this race simply, the back of Just Catteneo's trousers.

After a crowded start where i fell at least to 4th place about half way thru track, i ended up crossing lap 1 in 2nd hot after Just in 1st , and thats how the whole race played out , me chasing Just , id gain , id lose, the last couple laps i fell back a little more , bust most of race i was less than a second behind him.

Just won, i got 2nd place, Caine 3rd. Kandy stalked Caine for a bunch of laps to grab 4th place, Fox Tammas finished 5th and Jafo had a bad wreck and came in 6th.

With it all said , Pure was able to get the Team Championship , even with the proverbial fighting us with one hand tied behind there back and hopping on one foot , due to lag , RL commitments ect... OMG still almost whooped us , it made for a exciting end of the season.

Now RaceSL moves towards final testing stages of FormulaSL season 2 , the rosters are filling up and the series will be run on the Havok 4 physics engine on all tracks .

Heres a link to video filmed by Ram Pharoah of group A race , filmed with camera on me whole race

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