Sunday, July 27, 2008

FSL Race #10 Mooz Super-Speedway

This post is a little late considering the race was ran a week ago on July 19th , but i figured better late than never.

This round we were back at Mooz, but this time for the dreaded Speedway layout . The fast outside ring track at Mooz. Basicly this amounts to 6 cars going 300 kph around a quarter mile semi oval. With a small bridge span thats tight quarters on exit with a hard left towards the finish line. All the ingredients for a disaster ...and round 10 did not disappoint.

I broke a small streak of not so good qualifies with 2nd on grid this day, with Annie Gufler grabbing her 3rd straight pole . Jafo 3rd, Silk Bamboo grabbing a impressive 4th and Dolli Dreamscape with her 3rd Group A appearance in 5th.

The cleanest races of the day were the Group D and C races with Just Catteneo taking the Group D and challenging a hard charging Neko Carter in Group C , but Neko held on for the win. Group B was the kinda race you watch with your hands over your eyes, with a dramatic finish of Ram Pharoah leading the race and crashing on the final lap, Yum Divisadero got by for the win and transfer to Group A.

Group A ...uhh what can i say , lots of traffic for me in this one , the first couple laps were tight with me right on Annie , but at some point i encountered heavy traffic and struggled to keep my car on the course. Meanwhile Annie raced a superb race to capture her first victory, with Jafo in 2nd and Yum Divisadero taking her and her teams first podium of the season in 3rd, i managed 4th as my podium drought continues. Dolli 5th and Silk 6th .

The season is coming down to the wire with just 2 races remaining , I still lead as i have all season, with Jafo just 3 points behind me . The next round takes us back to PSU canyon track , stay tuned , the finish of this season is promising to be drama (exciting drama im refering to.. not the waste of time drama ) =)

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