Sunday, August 17, 2008

FormulaSL awards ceremony

Today was the awards ceremony for end of FormulaSL season 2. A nice event hosted by Motorato at her Hot Spot sim. Plaques, trophies and money were handed out to the top 10 drivers and top 3 teams . for the full stats of the season .

Thanks to Les, Moto, Rayne , Jerry and MAS racing , VJ Shojo, Shiryu Musashi, Isolone Torok and and all of Archer's supporters this season .

Grats to all drivers and teams, this season was alot of fun and looking forward to MotoSL season 4, which has officialy entered the testing phase with alot of interest. This season of bikes will have a new model, Les White's Wrath 10R , replacing the venerable Hawk 10R . A new track layout , with most likely more to come also .

I also will be blogging soon about Aybabtu Aabye's new racing league . Besides RaceSL this is the most creative builder and league ive seen in SL so far , its been alot of fun , im gonna miss the season opener on Sunday 8/17 , but hope to not miss any after that .

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