Thursday, January 15, 2009

Group1-GP season opener

In early december i had the idea of combining Second Life with a seperate racing simulation, having a pool of talented drivers from second life compete in a racing series that would be carried out both inside SL and the Rfactor racing game.

Finaly after a series of 5 practice races , we had a field of talented drivers and a 10 race schedule using high powered American Le Mans style cars. Race #1 was finaly set for Gille Villeneuve track in Montreal Canada .
We were plagued with some technical difficulties , but finally after some delay , a field of 8 was lined up on the grid for the 1st race of the series, these included , myself, Suku Ming, Sulla Looming , Jafo Tendaze, Yuriko Nishi, Suzy Cuddihy, Caz Freschi and Rattra Raymaker, champions and top notch drivers each one .

Nerves ran a bit high as the cars went off for the 22 lap race, Suku sitting in 2nd spot had a slow start , allowing Sulla Looming , who is a early favorite to do well in the series, to get by . Unforntunately Sulla spun in turn 3 and a close following Suku t-boned her, Sulla then hit a wall losing her rear wing . Sulla made a effort to continue , but had the whole track to drive around while damaged to reach the pits , finaly spinning out and being damaged beyond repair and the first casualty of the night .

2nd casulaty was lap 5 when Jafo T locked up and struck a wall , he also retired from the race when his car was beyond repair .
Although i was able to lead all 22 laps cleanly, the race was filled with several close battles, including early on between Ratta and Yuriko in a battle for 2nd , Rattra was able to show patience, and got by after Yuriko spun out .
Late in the race Suku and Caz batttled it out for 5th place , with Suku finaly prevailing in the last lap . Rattra ran a strong race finishing 2nd, Suzy Cuddihy grabbed the last spot on the podium for 3rd. Yuriko 4th .
In 1 week is Round #2 at Toban raceway , a fictional Rfactor track that should be a very challenging race, with several hard and fast turns for the drivers to negotiate in the 20 lap race. Its still early on and with a championship points scale made for a close season , everyone still has a good chance to come out on top in the end . Thanks to everyone participating .

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