Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Race of FormulaSL season #2

Finally after many long weeks and trials and testing , RaceSL founder Les White gave the go ahead for the season to begin and Round 1 be held at Mooz on April 19th . In classic RaceSL form , the track was a buzz with drivers practicing for the big race all week long .

It was a great turnout , 26 drivers joined the que to run in the qualify round for the day . Qualify as usual is a tense situation im telling you , lots of nerves waiting to see what group you will be racing in. I got some lag during my round , but managed 1 ok lap , enough to put me into 3rd at the moment , but there was still a ton of good drivers left to qualify.

Just Catteneo sent me down to 4th , with Jafo and Kandy Tommorow left over to run their round, only the top 5 qualify for group A , so im on the bubble . Kandy knocked me down to 5th , then Jafo grabbed the pole and sent me to Group B .

Some pics during qualify , Archer team , Kells Dragons , depo and Pure teams .

I still have a hope to get into Group A though , new rule this season is winner of each Group race advances to next race. YumYum won the Group D race and battled hard with her own teamie Dolli Dreamscape in the Group C race, but Yum hit heavy traffic and Dolli got away for the win.

Next was my race , Group B, lots of good drivers chasing me , Yamaha Harley beside me , Gros Decuir, Yuriko Nishi , Silk Bamboo and Dolli close behind . I was able to hold on barely and win a close one with Yamaha coming close to catching me after i ran into some traffic on last couple laps.

That puts me 6th on grid group A , with Just, Neko Carter, Kandy Tommorow , Ram Pharoah and Jafo on pole ahead of me . The next 30 laps was quite a ride , starting with big pile up at one of the first turns , the crush of cars veered to the outside to my right letting me thru on the left , next thing i know i see clear sky on straight to clubhouse with Jafo just in front of me.

There was many bouts with weird spikes and lag , but without that it was pretty smooth , i chased Jafo for a bit , untill some heavy lag took him wide out of the hairpin, letting me slip by into 1st . I led around untill i pitted , i htink i was first pitter im not sure, in and out , i was in 4th , one by one the cars leading me pit and im back in the lead.

This is the same exchange the next pit , around lap 26 i sail pass pits seeing Jafo in for fuel and tires, and im back in lead with 4 to go . But the traffic was heavy the last couple laps , next thing i know Ram Pharoah is right behind me and closing , i cant wait to see Silk Bamboos graphs on this one , cause the last several laps were a sprint , couldnt breath wrong, i could hear him right behind me which means close . But i was able to hold him off and take win , Ram grabbed 2nd, with Kandy 3rd, Jafo in 4th, Neko 5th and Just 6th .

On the podium for my 3rd win at Mooz ever , After the race , Jafo, Yuriko, me and our top sponsor Madsen Dreamscape of MAS Racing .
Next week is Race #2 of the series at PSU Raceway, the quality of teams this season is very high , KC team of Kandy and Caine, IDK with Just and Gros, depo with Yum and Dolli, Count Bayliss' MoR Team is looking very strong , with Yamaha , Silk and Neko ,VJ Shojo's Macmost Team of Mango and Bigfoot.
Redline racing with Yetrates and Peldon. Abacus Ministrobell's Mach2 Team with Vinnie Niango and TFox Thomas, 2 englishmen both easily capable of making it to Group A on any given race, Kells Dragons with Xia , Revena , and Gordan Merriman . Not to Mention MAS/ Archer team Jafo, Yuriko and Crippy. Gonna make round 2 and onwards very interesting for sure .
Archer would like to thank Les White, Avaya , MAS Racing , VJ Shojo for our great cars, Shiryu Musashi for the great uniforms, it was a very nice start to the new season .

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