Sunday, April 27, 2008

FormulaSL - Race 2 at PSU

This was one of the tougher races for Archer and myself personaly in a little bit , i managed to claw my way up onto the podium finishing in 3rd, but just by my fingernails.

I landed 5th on the grid after a nervous qualify where i didnt quite get the time i had been looking for , Yuriko qualed 3rd and Jafo an unprecedented Group C qualify . All the Jafo-heads out there are wondering, when will robot Jafo make a return and make a bid for a 3rd straight RaceSL season of domination.

Group D race was won by Caine Beresford, Group C with Jafo was taken convincingly by Just Catteneo , Jafo finished at record low for him...14th.

Yum Divisdero ran a great Group B race for a nice win and free passsge into the Group A race. Yum lead from lap 5 to lap 20 , putting the field further behind her every lap.

Last but not least , the group A race, with Ram Pharoah on Pole , Kandy Tommorow 2nd , Yuriko Nishi 3rd, Gros Manteau in 4th slot , myself 5th , and YumYum 6th on the grid .

Not alot of memories from the early part of the race, it wasnt my best , some tussling with other drivers, some contact ( which damages and slows the cars now on the newest car versions). I made a bid to move up in field , but after some bad breaks i was still in 5th , some more sliding on lap 4 and i politely let YumYum by and fell to 6th.

Running in 6th for 2 laps , i was back by Yum... after that i was just running as hard as i could to catch the field, Gros and Kandy were far up front racing a close 1 -2 race untill Kandy began to pull away lap 7.

Lap 14 Ramses musta had some problems, cause he fell way to the back of the pack, from 3rd to 6th , putting me into 4th , Yuriko had a slow 2nd pit and i was on her and by on lap 21. I was in 3rd and continuing to try to make ground on the front .

Fortunes had changed for Kandy and Gros , with Gros getting by on lap 18 and pulling away , at one time having a 7 second lead over Kandy , closest i got was 9 seconds at very end . Lap 24 on Kandy slowly made progress on Gros.

Gros musta had a bad slip on the grass lap 28 cause Kandy closed the gap to 1 second going into the last 2 laps , with Kandy passing Gros on last lap and winning it by .6 seconds , i held onto 3rd even though Yuriko caught me and came close to passing me a couple times.

Grats to Kandy and Gros , and Yuriko for her highest RaceSL finish , thanks to everyone that came out to support us , Jerry and Rayne , and we know Dolli Dreamscape and Vinnie Niangao are really closet Archer/Jafo fans hehe.

This race puts me into tie with Kandy for 1st place , with Ram in 3rd, Gros in 4th and Yuriko in 5th . Mas/Archer leads the teams , with KC Motorsports 2nd and IDK 3rd,

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