Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FSL Season 2 Team Profile - KC Motorsports

Next up on my series of team profiles for this Formula season is KC Motorsports. KC entered RaceSL a bit after the start of MotoSL season 3 , and immediately got themselves known as top competitors with a handfull of podiums and a exciting last lap win for Kandy at Snowpeach .

KC Motorsports consists of Caine Beresford , Kandy Tommorow and occaisionaly Len Imako.
KC begun their SL racing careers at the now gone MyControl Speedway. A fun little road track that had hills and tunnels and a suprisingly fast layout.
Coming into season 2 of FormulaSL , alot of eyes are on KC to be at the top , both Caine and Kandy can register some extremely fast times at practices.

Unfortunately hailing from Australia can cause alot of problems for Caine , who sometimes is unable to live up to his potential on race day due to the technical constraints. Meanwhile Kandy, who lives in the US is a notable threat to get on the podium at every race.

So far this season Kandy has gotten a win and a 3rd place and is currently tied for 1st place overall . Caine is currently in 16th place, but not for long if he can get a clear conduit on race day . KC is 2nd amongst teams in points.

KC drive the KCM-08, a car designed and built by Kandy . Kandy has competed in SLASCAR and Teller Motorpark series. Caine is a member of Zoe Connoly's Caledon airforce and flies a cool custom painted tri-plane. I know i will have my eye on KC this season as they show alot of promise and skill.

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