Sunday, May 4, 2008

FSL season 2 Team profile - MAS/Archer Racing

Formed in May of 2007 , by Jafo Tendaze and Crippy Oh, to compete in Season 1 of FormulaSL, Archer racing is one of the older teams of this season's field. Coming in as the under dogs we managed to do well and capture the season 1 team title, and Jafo won the driver title.

Since forming Archer also began racing as a team in the SLASCAR series capturing many division titles in the last year. We have merged with our new sponsor MAS Racing , to form the MAS/Archer team, along with Holden Saunders racing the stocks with us , we hope to continue our winning streak in the upcoming summer season .

This season we added a 3rd driver for the first time , Yuriko Nishi for her driving skills and technical expertise. Yuriko owns YUNI bikes , and builds detailed choppers that drive very nicely also.
We feel Yuriko has been a great addition to the team, having cut her RaceSL teeth with a superb performance with OMG racing during MotoSL season 3. A bike person , she has already excelled behind the wheel of Les Whites Formula cars.

Our cars this season are the 2008 Longbow, built buy Jafo Tendaze and painted by VJ Shojo. Our main sponsor is MAS racing representing MetroLexus, Lexus of Las Vegas , and Lexus of Akron. Returning as a sponsor this season is Shiryu Musashi and Musashi-Do, also onboard are the gentlemans and music club ; Club Genesis and E.Watkins Equestrian.

As defending champions going into this season and the strong field of drivers out there , we know we have a target on us and hope we can come thru the season having fun and doing our best . At the time of this post we are leading the team championship point after 2 races.

This is the first in a series of posts , each featuring one of the many teams participating this season. More info can be found at

Also in the news, Epic Studios will be filming race 4 at PSU , this will be edited to include voice over commentary by our own resident DJ/ Builder / painting expert , VJ Shojo. Advertising slots during the race are also available .

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