Wednesday, June 4, 2008

FSL Season 2- Race #5 at Mooz

Race day , Second Life is being its usual charming self and not allowing FSL Race director Les White online . Gathered in the spectator room is the usual group of suspects , and every wanderer by who happens to enter the unlocked sim , by the time Les shows 58 people are gathered , after the smoke clears 42 remain , for largest group in sim during a RaceSL race .

26 drivers register and qualifying starts , the suprise of qualifying is rookie Stang Voom who ends up grabbing 5th spot on grid and is in the Group A race . Gros DeCuir ends up in Group B for the 1st time this season . I somehow managed to grab my 2nd straight pole position , with Jafo next to me in 2nd , Ram Pharoah 3rd , Kandy Tommorow 4th, Stang 5th , and Just Catteneo winning the group B race to advance to the group A race.

Group D started off the day of racing with a nice win by Miss Dolli Dreamscape , moving her up to the C race. Unfortunately Dolli didnt fair as well in the C race , finishing 6th to a talented field , with Yamaha Harley 1st, Toast racing's Caz Freschi 2nd, talented veteran driver Holden Saunders 3rd, Archer Racing's own racing godess Yuriko Nishi 4th and Macmost's Mango Birdbrain .

Yamaha moved up to Group B , but did not fair well either finishing the race 5th , hot as lava IDK driver Gros Decuir suprises the crowd with a 6th place finish , depo racing Matriach YumYum Divisadero came in 4th , Pure Racing speedster Suzy Cuddihy 3rd, Museum of Robot's own Neko Carter , who got the unlucky 6th place in qualifying ( which is pole position B race) , came in 2nd behind Just Catteneo.

Next was the group A race , came into this one with a little confidence , but still realistic knowing 1 bad slip against this field can be difference between podium and last . The layout for the race is know as the "Iron" layout (thats what its shaped like from air) , the significance of that is the starting line is staring point blank at the trickiest portion of the whole track , a tight little chicane (S turn) that guarantees pain should a field of 6 cars attempt to charge thru it .

Sitting on pole here , only hope is to get thru the gears before the 5 cars behind you do.....3-2-1, loud roar of 6 cars flooring the gas and trying to fly thru the gearing , all I know is there was a white flash as Ram Pharoah surged from 3rd on grid with a perfect move , splitting both Jafo and I and flying thru the chicane and into the early lead.

Not quite as good driving bymyself found me slowly falling thru the positions in the field till I finaly settled in 5th place going around lap 1 , i got by Just into 4th before the line for lap 1 , up ahead Jafo was in 3rd , Kandy in 2nd and Ram in 1st .

3 laps Ram led around before he came together with Kandy Tommorow in turn after pits . Jafo got by the tangle into 1st , and i was able to jump from 4th to 2nd . I chased after Jafo for 8 laps , keeping up but not getting any good passing chances. But we were catching up with traffic , unfortunately for Jafo he caught up to Ram and Stang at the hairpin turn , he got caught on the outside of them and was taken wide for a 3 car pile up , i cut the turn tight and slid into the lead , it was lap 12.

18 more laps and i got my 2nd straight win of season , with Jafo in 2nd , for Archer's first double podium of season , Kandy Tommorow , who had another race with alot of contact , raced the fastest , at one point i was stalking lapped traffic and saw Kandy race up on me , i just swerved out of way letting her by back onto lead lap...she was flying , managing to catch and pass Just Catteneo and come in 3rd, Just in 4th , Ram 5th and Stang 6th.

I think i was stunned after race and didnt remember to thank the people who help make this all possible Les White , Rayne Niven , Jerry and MAS Racing , Shiryu Musashi, VJ Shojo the voice of RaceSL , my team mates Jafo and Yuriko.

and a special reminder , tonite is game 6 ...go Pens !!!!!!

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