Monday, June 23, 2008

SLASCAR, FSL race #7 and The Misfits

Had a full weekend of SL , starting with the opening races of the 2008 summer SLASCAR season on friday night . Although im only running a few classes this season , one of them ...Super Stocks was the first race of the season . Frustration and quarter panel kicking were the highlights of my night as i failed to qualify for the main event . Suzy Cuddihy took the checkers in Super Stocks and Suku Ming grabbed the win for the season opener Super Modified division race.

Next up was saturday afternoon and race #7 of FormulaSL season 2 at old PSU raceway. Jafo grabbed pole position in what is prolly his best and favorite track, i qualified 2nd , Just Catteneo 3rd, Neko Carter 4th, Archer's own Yuriko Nishi landed on 5th spot on grid , for 2nd straight race with 3 Archer cars in the Group A race. Ram Pharoah continued to be hot hot and moved up to 6th spot after winning the Group B race.

What can i say about this one , it was Jafo's from the get go , using a 2 stop strategy , he out speedstered my 1 pitstop strategy to win . I got 2nd after some bad driving late in the race, Neko Carter grabbed his first Podium for the MoR team coming in 3rd, Yuriko got 4th , and still has her eyes on that elusive podium, Ram Pharoah 5th and Just came in 6th .

As i mentioned , Ram won Group B with Yamaha Harley 2nd , Silk Bamboo 3rd. Group B also featured Moto Ware...SL race fans can never get enough of the hard charging and skilled driving of the MotoSL and FSL veteran Motorato.

Yamaha took the win in a good Group C race , with 2 skilled newcomers Ish Jaxxon and Annie Gufler . Yamaha running on nubs for tires and almost out of fuel , barely edged out Dolli Dreamscape in the last turns of the race for a exciting win. Dolli 2nd and Toast Racing Caz Freschi 3rd.

Group D featured even more rookie debuts , including Ish Jaxxon , who won the race to advance to group C , also racing were FSL rookies Brave Ashbourne and Rattra Raymaker. Nice to see some new faces for the 2nd half of the season , attendance is still very high , with 26 drivers throwing their hats in the FSL ring for this race. Race #8 is saturday June 28th at Mooz .

Sunday it was time to take off my stinky driving gear and put on torn jeans and t-shirt to attend a Misfits concert at club Primal Chaos, performed by the tribute group Bad Ampitude. These concerts are always alot of fun , one favorite song after the other for over a hour , while the group performed the stage show. Michael Graves, Jerry Only, Doyle and Chud , great fun . Cant wait for next show . You can find info and scheduling for Bad Ampitude at

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