Sunday, October 5, 2008

MotoSL 4- Season opener Race #1

Yuriko Nishi wins Mooz Classic GP

39 people crammed into Mooz raceway to see and participate in the season opener of Season #4 of MotoSL . 29 riders entered the que and ran in the qualifying round , which was one of my few bright spots on the day . Accidentaly stopped 1 lap short (hard to count gloved fingers =p ), but still managed to get 2nd spot .

Holden Saunders landed the opening pole position with Yuriko Nishi 3rd, Annie Gufler 4th and Jafo Tendaze 5th to round out qualifiers for the group 1 race, the final grid was 7 bikes since the top 2 of each previous race advance to next race.

Suzy Cuddihy has been looking steady early this season and managed to win the Group 2 race with a strong performance. Josephina Gears grabbed the 7th grid spot after also advancing from the Group 3 race .

Unfortunately today was a bit laggier than normal and everyone experienced problems at some point . Despite this, the early races on the schedule managed to be close and exciting with BBB team captian Bikey Bekkers tenaciously hanging on for the Group 4 win , new comer John Alturas made a mark in his rookie opener by getting 2nd and advancing to Group 3 with Bikey .

Group 3 race was another exciting one with Sulla Looming and Josephina Gears gapping the pack , but not each other . They fought back and forth for a good part of the race, Sulla prevailed and took the checkers, Josephina advanced with a 2nd place. Yamaha Harley came in 3rd, Bikey Bekkers 4th, Hakuna Albatross 5th and Abacus Mimistrobel 6th and John Alturas 7th

Group 2 race was all Suzy Cuddihy, winning by 6 seconds, with Josephina Gears holding strong onto 2nd . 3rd was Stang Voom , 4th Brave Ashbourne, 5th Sulla Looming , 6th Just Catteneo and 7th Ford Roffo.

Group 1 race, a bit laggier than we are used to in RaceSL , but still managed to be a good race up at the front , with Yuriko Nishi leading mostly wire to wire with Jafo and Annie hot on her tail most of the 2nd half of the race.

My highlight and low light of the day was all on same lap . I moved from 5th and almost caught 2nd place rider on same lap , several bikes came together at the gate and i was forced wide and missed the lap counting , i finished the raced in 7th at -1 laps .

In a bold move Yuriko prevailed past Jafo and Annie to take the checkers, Jafo 2nd , Annie 3rd,
Suzy 4th , Josephina 5th and Holden Saunders 6th. Another big start for Archer racing , also nice one for team represented by Suzy and Josephina.

Race #2 is at Snowpeach in just 1 week , practice time for the race will be short, but races at the ultra tight and claustrophic Snowpeach are always exciting . Ram Pharoah and Slodcast filmed the race using 4 cameras and VJ Shojo commentaed the race, the video can be found here.....

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