Sunday, September 28, 2008

MotoSL season 4 track preview

One of the hallmarks of MotoSL and RaceSL is the wide variety of tracks we race on, and this season promises to have the most tracks so far of any season . With Les Whites new track rezzer system , he can build tracks, pack them up and then rez them in the sky of one of the leagues sims when its needed. This is a much more efficient system than having to acquire a whole sim for each track .

The crown jewel of the RaceSL circuit is the home track of Mooz , one of the oldest tracks and one of the leagues original raceways. Mooz' unique setup , allows for different layouts for each race at this location , walls are rezzed to change it to 1 of 4 or more unique layouts. One of the most dangerous being the speedway , a 4 corner partial oval that crosses a narrow suspension bridge , races on this layout are known for alot of crashing .

The other remaining original league track is Snowpeach. Built and owned by Count Bayliss , Snowpeach is modeled after the Brands Hatch road course in the United Kingdom . But while Brands Hatch is a winding, wide open, long road course, Snowpeach is often narrow and clausterphobic , more resembling a narrow city course , a fast track when mastered, Snowpeach can prove to be hard to master . Most people love or hate Snowpeach , but theres no doubt Grand Prix held here are often quite exciting .

Rising from the ashes of the other original RaceSL race track Misp , is PSU CS199, which filled the void when Misp was retired before FormulaSL season 1, cause it is only a Class 4 sim . Les replaced the hard and tight Misp track with another hard track known as PSU 1. The new track proved technical and difficult and was source of much consternation for this racer.
During MotoSL season 3, Les introduced the PSU 2 track, pictured above. . PSU 2 isnt as technical as PSU 1 , but it is more wide open and faster , but still with some difficult spots on it that could make or break a big race.

The most exotic of the RaceSL grand prix tracks is the newer canyon track , which is basicly PSU 3 as thats the sim it resides in. The track looks like it sits in a desert canyon with part of it flowing thru a dangerous tunnel that has already seen its fair share of pile ups since the track came into use during FormulaSL season 2. The canyon track is one of the more technicaly difficult tracks we use , making it difficult for most racers to stay grounded on the track during the full course of a race.
Recently Les unveiled a new track in the sky of Misp , this track has not been raced upon yet , but already has proven to be one of the fastest tracks yet , with few really sharp turns , the tracks overall shape is much like a oblong oval or peanut shaped , with long fast turns .
With this new track , the league now posseses 6 tracks already , including all of Mooz' variations the schedule may contain up to 9 unique layouts during its 12 race course , an impressive variety , and a challenge to the comptetitors to stay sharp for the next race on the schedule .


Brave Ashbourne said...

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that canyon track looks really cool!