Sunday, November 23, 2008

MotoSL Season 4 ...Round 6

Annie Gufler wins second straight at Backwards Canyon GP at RD Motorsports

Congrats to Annie Gufler for a convincing Round 6 win , with this she moves 10 points ahead of Archer Racing's Yuriko Nishi and 20 points ahead of 3rd place Jafo Tendaze.

25 turned out saturday to qualify, showing the dedication of the participants in a season now 2 months old and at its half way point. The qualifying rounds took its casualties, some drivers not getting the times they hoped for , and Sulla Looming suprising everyone , most of all herself by grabbing the pole position. Annie Gufler 2nd, Jafo 3rd, Yuriko 4th and Crippy Oh 5th .

Holden Saunders got pole for Group B , being a top rider this was a extra challenge for other riders in the group to overcome and advance up to A , this included Brave Ashbourne who finaly got off his duff and scored a nice win in the Group C race, Ram Pharoah, Suzy Cuddihy, Stang Voom and TFFox Tammas, a very solid field all around .

The Races started off with a bang in the 7 bike Group D race, with atleast a 4 bike spill at turn 1 , BBB rider Hakuna Albatross survived and led the field around for 5 laps before Hakuna took a spill allowing Racers Island rider John Alturas to close the gap quickly.
Alturas passed Hakuna on lap 6 when he took another spill. Silk Bamboo like a ninja sprung on a ooportunity when Alturas wrecked and Hajuna blinked, Silk up from 3rd for the win, Hakuna just off her by .183 seconds , John Alturas 3rd just barely edging out Molly Fitzgerald, Mille Sands 5th , Nella Boccara 6th, Ford Roffo 7th .
Group C race, Raver Bellow on pole. Just Catteneo surged from the 2nd spot on the grid and was able to get the hole shot after a little bit cleaner start this race, but only held it for 3 laps untill Brave Ashbourne jumped ahead and led around rest of race for the win . Just Catteneo was in position to make the most of any slips Brave had, but he didnt slip, Raver came in 3rd with MoR rider Rattra Raymaker 4th , Silk Bamboo 5th after nearly rallying to 3rd place, and BBB-GP rider Johnnie Gears 6th.
Group B race saw pole sitter Holden Saunders of ZT racing , runaway with the race lapping the whole field i nthe course of a single lap on lap 10 . Meanwhile while Holden ran away with it , a tight group of riders consisting of Suzy Cuddihy, Brave Ashbourne and Ram Pharoah fought tooth and nail for every inch of track the whole race, trading off positions thru all 12 laps of the contest . Brave led most of the ways , but fell back for a couple laps to Ram ... in the end , Brave got 2nd place, Ram 3rd, Suzy 4th, Stang 5th and Fox Tammas 6th.
Last but not least was the 15 lap Group A race, this was Annie's from the start , except for a spill in the tunnel where she lost the lead for very short time to Sulla Looming .
For myself , sitting on 5th spot in grid , I wanted to see the race develope first before commiting to going all out . Into the 1st turn gently and and I see both of my team mates wipe out , im commited , I gun it thru into 4th place close behind Holden . I get by Holden lap 2 , and am chasing the lead group for one of few times this season for me , Sulla and Annie not far ahead.
I chased Sulla into the tunnel lap 5 and there was Annie after her spill, Sulla got by , but i was even with Annie coming down the straight to the start/finish line , into turn 1 and I was too shallow crashing hard on the dirt, my bike slid up onto a small hill where I had difficulty moving off of it , i slowly backed my bike off while riders passed by, resuming the race I had fallen back to 5th .
I chased Holden in 4th and Sulla in 3rd for 4 laps untill they both spilled , i was then able to move back into 3rd. Jafo had managed to run a steady race and was in 2nd after my spill on lap 6. Then it came.... the dreaded sim freeze, lap 12 all riders controls freezed up , most crashed cause of this , stuck in a hard right turn i went head first into the fence.
Unfortunately so did season points leader Yuriko Nishi, who had just gotten up to 4th place , Yuriko's bike became tangled in the fencing , unable to get going quickly , Yuriko fell to 6th where she finished. Sulla 5th, Holden 4th, Crippy 3rd, Jafo 2nd .
Next race will be held in 2 weeks on the PSU 2 track , Annie is looking to expand her lead, while winless Jafo, and Yuriko Nishi, who has fallen to 2nd in season points after the hard break of getting tangled up in the fence......have only victory and revenge on their minds for round 7 .
Friday was a big deal atleast for me personally , I scored my 4th win in the Legends class this 2008 SLASCAR season , giving me the season championship, unfortunately I came up short in the Late Model class and Super Stock class, congrats to everyone on their championship wins for the season as the multi-class SLASCAR season winds down to its completion. Big Grats to Greg Drayman who grabbed a season high of 4 titles.

Grid for SLASCAR 2008 season Legends class finale at Otway raceway

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