Sunday, December 7, 2008

MotoSL round #7

Annie Gufler of AM Pro takes 3rd win straight
MotoSL Season4 , Round #7 PSU2 Long track @Snowpeach sim

Finally after what seemed like the longest 2 weeks in SL ever , we reach round #7 . This round was punctuated with close hard fought racing and hard disapointment for the author, will try to focus on more of the former than the latter. Lets just say i suffered technical issues on race day , qualifying 7th and finishing 11th overall .

Annie Gufler grabbed her first pole of season , with Jafo 2nd, Yuriko Nishi 3rd, Holden Saunders 4th and Suzy Cuddihy 5th for the Group A qualifiers.

Each race today had some exciting highlights , Group D's story was first time racer Caz Freschi leading wire to wire for the win , with vets Nella Boccara and Bikey Bekkers chasing him the whole race, Nella fell and Bikey got by for 2nd .

Group C was all rider Josephina Gears making a return appearance this round, but White's Bike's rider Molly Fitzgerald made the viewing box start to stir and murmur with a great 5 lap comeback, where she steadily gained each lap , from -4.4 seconds lap 5 to -1.2 seconds at the finish lap 10 , alot of riders had a steady race, Brave Ashbourne finished 3rd.

Group had Ram Pharoah on the pole.... zT Racing's Stang Voom gave him a chase the whole race, but Ram never faltered and got the win and the advance to Group A . With Sulla Looming passing TFox Tammas last lap for 3rd.

Group A started off with a nice chase , Annie Gufler in front and Yuriko Nishi close behind for the first 3 laps , then Yuriko went down . Annie motored ahead and led the race to the finish . For the rest of the field , the remaining race was a a 12 lap back and forth battle for positioning .

Jafo moved to 2nd after Yuriko fell, and stayed there 1 lap till he crashed himself... Yuriko moved back into 2nd lap 5 untill she took a big spill . From there Suzy Cuddihy took over the 2nd place position and ran a steady race. Yuriko fell to 5th , then down to 6th at lap 7, while Ram and Jafo battled over 3rd .

Lap 8 onwards Yuriko began made her move in attempt to make a comeback, passed Holden into 5th when he fell, then by Ram into 4th at lap 11. Soon she was chasing Jafo around in the closing laps of the race. The last lap of the race started with Suzy in 2nd place by a decent margin over Jafo in 3rd and Yuriko in 4th .

It didnt take long for that to change, 1st turn , Jafo goes down and Yuriko is in 3rd. Annie crosses for the win , Suzy can almost see the finish line as she comes around the last turn of the race.... 9 and almost 10 steady laps in 2nd place and Suzy has mechanical failure and she goes down mere dozen or so yards from the finish, Yuriko is past finishing 2nd, Jafo beats Suzy to line in 3rd, Suzy 4th, Ram 5th , Holden 6th .

Only a week break before the next big race at Snowpeach, Annie Gufler now has a 16 point lead over 2nd place Yuriko Nishi . Another big finish next week could be all Annie needs to coast to the championship, it is yet to be seen .

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