Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Round 2 FormulaSL 3 2009

RD Motorsports played host to the 2nd round of this season of FormulaSL , the skies we clear and blue, hardly a lag cloud in the sky (can never escape SL lag, but it was nice anyways ). Another 40 + drivers and spectators crowded into the viewing box. 29 drivers entering the que for the event.

Annie Gufler got her 2nd straight pole and 2nd straight win . With Yuriko Nishi hot behind her, puttign in a great performance for 2nd , KRP ace driver Caz Freschi getting his first taste of the podium for the season. Jafo Tendaze had a rough race finishing 4th , Ram Pharoah rounding out top 5.

Stang Voom and Ram Pharoah got the pass to the A group by finishing 1st and 2nd in a good B race, filled with lots of close racing , and lead changes. Ram led the entire race but Stang got by on the last lap for the win. RD Motorsports owner barely got 3rd with a very close finish with Suzy Cuddihy , only by .16 seconds.

Group B wasnt Stangs first race of the day . Stang ran strong in the Group C race, although Remon Franizzi put up a serious challenge late in race, Stang held on for the win. Ashe Revnik won a intense 3 way battle early in the race to get 2nd and the advance to B race. Racer's Island teamies Remon Franizzi and Brave Ashbourne finished a close 3rd and 4th .

Group D looked a bit like it did last week , with Indie driver Ford Roffo sitting on pole , but someone musta stuck a banana up this monkey's tail pipe cause well after green thats all he was still doing on pole , sitting . Perhaps the flashing green light that tells his simian mind to press the gas wasnt switched on in time ....did the phrase "stuck a booger" have any revelance or context here, we may never know.

The other 6 drivers werent concerned , instead they gunned it on go , with Remon Franizzi getting the all important early steady lead in this 10 lap race. 2nd was more of a battle and some good driving , with Tracy Torok, in 2nd the first couple laps then being passed by Alice vet driver Darko Revnik taking over for a few laps before getting into trouble finishing 5th , just behind a surging Nella Boccara.

Amber Raceway ace Tracy Torok got back by Darko lap 6 and held on for 2nd, Ace Crabe got 3rd. Round 3 from the claustorphobic Snowpeach in 2 weeks , with Annie in 1st place in points, Yuriko 2nd , Jafo Tendaze 3rd and Caz freschi 4th .


Brave said...

i have one word for that race....arghhh!

Stang said...

That race was awesome!!!!! my fingers hurt :(