Monday, March 2, 2009

Nuerburg Grand Prix under the lights

Last wednesday was round 7 of the G1-GP Rfactor league, this time it was off to Nuerburg Germany for the longest round of the season , just 23 laps, but at more than 1:50 minutes a lap , the whole race took 45 minutes to drive. Also this time I sped up how fast the game time passed, so we started the race in the daylight and ended in the pitch dark .

10 drivers again this round , the horn sounded and we were off . Katier Reitveld, who qualified 4th , saw a opening turn 1 and took a bold dive at it , a risky move that could potentialy take out other drivers, but she executed it nicely , battling and banging side by side with Sulla Looming around turn 1 for 1st place, Sulla came out ahead, i found myself in 4th behind Caz Freschi after braking badly at turn 1.

Sulla moved away out in front , she had up to a 14 second lead at one point . Meanwhile Caz, myself , Yuriko and Jafo chased after Katier who was in 2nd. Caz took a turn too quick and I moved by , then passing Katier a bit later for the lead after Sulla had made a early pit stop .

There was alot of contact this race, with drivers banging it out side by side in some turns . I think one of the highlights of the race was Suku Mings performance. Suku was placed high after the dangerous turn 1 , but got bumped and spun out accidentaly by Jafo in turn 2 , Suku fell to 10th after this incident , same back luck she had last race at Monaco on the first lap.

Most of the race Suku was in no better than 8th place, but thru effort and perserverance managed to finish 5th for her 5th top 5 finish of season . Sulla led the race easily till she made a early pit lap 5 . I moved into the lead untill i pitted , then Caz took over.

Jafo had a fast 1st pitstop and was in 2nd place coming out , with myself trailing in 3rd. Sulla was back in the pack , but had a excelent strategy going and was biding her time . Slowly but sure light fell on the track, from day time , to twilight , then finaly darkness.

Lap 17 I was leading with Caz close behind in 2nd , and Sulla about 20 seconds behind in 3rd.
It was time for my 2nd pit , i pulled in and it was a race...this was my fast pitstop, 5 laps to go, no tire change, just gas . I pulled into pit lane and to my garage and stopped, 12 seconds was the time needed to give me the fuel to finish the race, i watched my dashboard display where i could see the list of drivers and their positions , being in 3rd, Sulla's time behind me quickly counted down towards 0....
I could hear her coming down the front straight as my fuel was finishing , i peeled out and almost spun trying to get going , but was able to come out fairly close behind her, and the chase was on .
Caz was still way ahead in 1st place, but he still had to make his pitstop . He pitted that lap(18) and Sulla moved into 1st , with me close behind .
It came down to a face off in the dark , and it was still growing darker, being around 9 or 10pm game time , everything became harder and harder to see, soon all anyone could see was what their headlights touched high beams either at 170 mph. Soon the dark took its first casualties, lap 20 , Katier , who had run off track accidentaly , re-entered the track right behind Yuriko , just as Yuriko was braking hard for a turn , they collided and were both out of the race from damage.
Sulla over ran a turn and went into grass allow in me to move by into first , and now i was being chased. Sulla hung on wonderfully in the increasing dark ,untill the end of lap 21 where it was my turn to over run a turn a bit, Sulla got by and hung on for the win , myself 2nd, Caz 3rd, Rattra finished 4th after Jafo crashed on the last lap when in 4th and Suku finished 5th.
Round 7 takes us to the California desert and the high speed Laguna Seca track .

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