Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Farewell Mooz , FSL round 9

It was just over 2 years ago i strolled into Mooz looking for the MotoSL 2 season. I found out i was a few weeks too late , instead i found RaceSL, a close knit group of fellow racers , 5 seasons of Formula and Superbikes. But alas a struggling economy and a struggling technology takes another victim with the 3rd major RaceSL track, the home track , lost in 2009.

The first being Snowpeach, home track of Museum of Robots owned by Count and Bibi Bayliss, long time supporters and contributers. This was one of my fav tracks on the circuit. Next was RD Motorsports sim, owned by Raver Bellow and home of the Canyon track and Raver's own Wide track. FormulaSL season 3 , round 9 is the final race at Mooz , on a new track located high in the sky, designed and built by Bikey Bekkers.
Zaria Falconer and Caz Freschi of Kokopelli's InDrive team did great, battling each other back and forth for 2nd and 3rd, Zaria prevailing in the end .
Caz actualy qualified into the B group, but ran that race solidly getting the advance. HotWire driver Suzy Cuddihy looked like she would get 2nd , but it wasnt to be . Frutopian Mango Birdbrain getting up for 2nd and the pass to Group A instead.
Ashe Revnik and Abacus Mimistrobell got 1st and 2nd in the C race, with Molly Fitzgerald just missing out after tangling with non-yielding traffic while in the lead. Molly got back to 2nd , fell to 3rd last lap .
Abacus handily won the D group race. Although gone , the history of mooz lives on, as does the track, with Les Whites handy track rezzers, Mooz can be put down anywhere a friendly low lag sim will let him....the same with Snowpeach, Canyon and the Wide Track, so the hope is that all that is lost is a bit of a inflated monthly bill and ....a sim , although classified and class 5, seemed to often be sick and not quite performing up to its advertised potential .
Round 10 moves us to host Amber Raceway , a multi-tiered track , with a club, drag strip, airplane pylon racing , a resort and alot of fun things to do.

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Mooz R.I.P. sniffs :-(