Monday, June 1, 2009

G1-GP Update

Finaly doing a overdue update on the how the G1-GP season 2 is coming along since i havent posted since Round 1.....we are up to Round 5 with Round 6 just around the corner .

Round 2 at Lienze GP short... the first rally race of the season was well anticipated cause this is a small fun track. Consensus was that it would be crashed filled with alot of people finishing the race crashed out ...but actualy quite the opposite everyone did quite well and finished the race in its entirety.

Sulla Looming proved unstoppable here , winning both races that comprise the event . Caz Freschi gave Sulla a run for her money in the 2nd race, but once Sulla got by she was gone . Caz finished 2nd overall, myself 3rd, and Yum Divesadero scored a G1-GP career high finish of 4th .

Round 3 at Miami Bayfront ...for round 3 we switch to F3s at the small tight Miami track . I had hopes for a pole position after driving well during the weeks practice rounds, but things dont always worked out , Remon Franizzi grabbed pole , and i was all way down in 5th .

Caz Freschi didnt disappoint his fans in the crowd that were waving signs that read "Green means go !" , "Pit Limiters, not just for the pits!" , "Chill out!!" and "Milk does the body good" , as the greens flashed , Caz was waiting for a 2nd opinion on the matter....meanwhile much to the chagrin of everyone behind him, Remon, Sulla and myself on other side of grid, got good starts and raced ahead to turn 1 .

Remon led around for a good half the race, Sulla in 2nd till she spun and smacked the wall and pitted for repairs, into 2nd i went and after Remon . After a nice pass if i do say so myself , i was in the lead and never looked back grabbing my first win of season . Remon got 2nd, Jafo Tendaze 3rd , Caz eventualy joined in the fun after his mis-start and got up for 4th, Katier Reitveld rounded out top 5.

Round 4 at Joesville ....Round 4 brought us back to the Legends cars at the 1/2 mile oval at Joesville. Jafo nailed his 2nd pole position of the season on the ovals . But it was Suku Ming who got the the best start and led the pack around for all 50 laps for her 2nd victory of season , Jafo hot on Suku's heels for 2nd and myself 3rd. Nella Bocarra and Sulla Looming both had incidents resulting in big crashes .

Round 5 at Lienz GP....the 2nd rally round of the season , brought us to maybe arguably the hardest track of the season , the 3 minute a lap Lienz GP , and prolly the most mayhem of the season . There was no shortage of wrecks and questionable driving in this one . Favorite Sulla Looming crashed out on the 1 lap qualify round setting her back in the pack for both races.
While i was out front with my first pole of season and i made the best of it running out front as hard as i could .

It wasnt enough in the first race though , leading the whole thing i spun once in the final lap , allowing Sulla who had worked her way up to 2nd early on to pass and take the win . Race 2 was much the same me out front , Sulla worked her way up to 2nd , but lost concentration and crashed out early . Highlights of this race was a nice racing battle between Suku and Rattra Raymaker for 2nd place.

Suku did a great job holding off Rattra for awhile , but eventualy he was able to get by, but just long enough to get spun by lapped traffic allowing Suku by again where she finished 2nd in the race. Fortunately for Rattra his points in both races was good enough to get him 2nd overall. Suku finishing a impressive 3rd overall , Remon 4th and Katier 5th .

Next round is this wednesday , back to F3's this time at Long beach .
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