Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Introduction to .....Archer Racing Team

Having raced at the Pontiac Fairgrounds for several months , i decided to see what else was out there. One of the first vehicles i got in SL , was the Hawk 10R racing motorcycle, created by Les White. I knew Les had a couple tracks and there was a league involved , but for one reason or another i never got around to checking it out .

I went and visited Mooz raceway for the first time , where i learned Season 2 of MotoSL had just ended. But busy Les White was hard at work on Formula 1 race cars for a new series he planned to start within a couple months. It was a expensive league to join, but i immediately could tell Les wasnt messing around and intended it to be the best in SL , so this got me giddy and hyper to get a team going to join in on the fun .

My first couple attempts to recruit a team from the Fairgrounds failed (spank Yum Divisadero and Doll Kabuki). But luckily i found interest in it from another Fairgrounds driver , Jafo Tendaze. Jafo was fairly new to Fairgrounds , but was already winning races and proving himself to be a talented driver.

Thus was formed Archer Racing , we paid up our dues and our Black and gold cars were the first ones completed for the new league . Competition looked very stiff, Motorato Ware and Silk Bamboo formed a team for OMG magazine , both already proved themselves top notch racers in MotoSL season 2. Several other top drivers including Kalel Mommsen and Jake Abramovich , certainly made us feel like under dogs coming into the pre-season races.

Jafo quickly proved his skills in the pre-season , qualifying for all the Group A races , and eventualy winning a string of them including the first 3 regular season races, i dont know how many in a row total, enough to make the other racers mumur of bodily harm and make them loiter around his car looking for ways to sabotage him /giggles.

As for me , i didnt qualify for any Group A races during pre-season, but won several of the Group B races , which boosted my confidence. But opening day was gonna be the true test , i managed to qualify for the Group A race and Jafo and i ended up finishing 1st and 2nd . In fact we managed to finish 1st and 2nd in 3 of the first 4 races, including Race 4, where i broke Jafo's streak by winning the race myself .

Currently Archer Racing still holds firmly onto 1st place in the team rankings, with OMG closing the gap and the Codename: Denmark team not far behind them . Jafo leads the league in individual points. Unfortunately after 6 races in 2nd place , i fell to 4th place after 3 poor performances in a row . Next up is Race #8 (of 12) at PSU raceway on Saturday, to me its a race of great importance, my goal is no less than getting Archer 2 spots on the podium once again (Podium is 1st thru 3rd place) and hopefully make up some ground ive lost over the last 3 races.
If top of the line SL racing interests you , please check out, the leagues home page.
You can find standings, detailed narratives of each race , photos and videos. Its been great fun so far , stay tuned for my take on race #8 on saturday /knocks on wood /makes sign of benediction ect... /giggle

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tiana meriman said...

for seeing you race i know you're agreat driver. you have a natural talent for it. i look forward to hearing about more of your amazing races ^^