Sunday, August 26, 2007

Race #8 at PSU Speedway

Im doing 2 posts in a row cause ive been wanting to post about our new uniforms but never got around to it .

I was hoping this would be a happier post , but the gods of the internet worked against me this time . Everything went as planned , i would estimate i practiced atleast 20 hours for this race, trying to get it down as good as i could.

Race day comes , and im happy my girlfriend Rayne is able to make it to the race, her support is always appreciated =) Qualify session begins , each 2 car teams take turns running 5 timed laps to determine the race order for the days races. The drivers are then split into groups of 6. Group 1 races for places 1st to 6th, Group 2 races for places 7th to 12th ect...

Teams qualify in order of their ranking , being in first place Archer qualifies last , this may have its advantages allowing us to see what times we need to beat from the whole field , but its hell on the nerves i tell ya lol.
Actualy driving the qualify laps is no relief to sweaty palms either, after my first 3 laps , even though i felt i had done enough to get into top 6 , my laps were falling short. Lap 4 my hands start to shake a little knowing its coming down to the wire hehe , but you just have to suck it in.
Lap 4 ended up being the trick for me , sticking me at 4th overall of the 15 drivers racing .
First up is the Group 3 and then Group 2 races, good friend Yum Divisadero was having graphics problems or im sure she would have won the Group 3 race.
Crazy Doll Kabuki was steady and fast in the Group 2 race, and after race leader Abacus Ministrobel took way too long during his 2nd pit stop, Doll rolled by him to get the checkered flag for her first FormulaSL win =)
Next up was the 30 lap Group 1 race. It started well enough , i put my usual plan in effect , just trying to stay steady and consistent , and it worked well enough , i soon found myself in 3rd , behind Jafo in 2nd and Motorato Ware in 1st . Moto took a spin and hit the wall , Jafo was by her , and soon i was too . Thats how most of the race went , i was constantly watching for Moto expecting her to come roaring up behind me with every little error in cornering i made or slip of my tires.
Jafo musta spun out or hit a wall cause at some point around lap 19-20 i was right behind him , it would be bad team work if i tried to force a pass , possibly messing up both our races. But a couple bad laps , where i lost traction and had cornering problems and Jafo pulled well ahead of me . Its been awhile since we finished 1st and 2nd , and this was the scenario i had been working towards all week long .
Lap by lap the race counted down , i think i saw Moto a few times , but she wasnt making significant gains as long as i didnt completely crack up. Lap 28 i rounded the hairpin that would send me down the front straight across the line and begin the last lap of the race, and barring any errors during that ...1st and 2nd places again for Archer.......suddenly my car rolls to a stop, i try to get out and resit incase it was a car error... nothing happens...i immediately IM Les White the race director letting him know my problem.....about this time i glance over to see my Comcast internet cable modem ...has crashed. It takes 10 minutes to come back and i get back online .
Race is over , i get 6th place, or last place i should say . Leaving plenty of work to be done for the next race at Snowpeach , which will be in 2 weeks . Grats to Jafo on his 5th win of the season .../shakes fist at Comcast

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