Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Day in the Life...of a SL Race Car Driver...part 1

Everyday on SL for me , begins here at my house in the Mistress Sim. I share the land with my friends Rayne Niven , Khrys Bailey , Ronni Boa and Wren Hyun. We own 1/4 a sim, not a huge amount but very cozy . The tropical setting and seaside life is very nice. This pic shows sunrise from my house.

--This new home is years away from the craphole neighborhood i used to live in at the Marwood Sim, typical mainland sim , mish mash of junk , clubs that are always empty, buildings that were there before i even got there, ive never even seen used or anything .
--Of course cant mention my old home in Marwood without mentioning my neighbor, who owned atleast 5000 sqm of land smack dab in front of me , i talked to him a few times, his goal was to make his land look like a ghetto/ slum....buddy you sure did, warehouses with broken out windows , annoying signs , burning trash, burning cars ect.. ect..

The first business of the day is to put on my bunny slippers and wander on down to Khrys' house and enjoy a cigarette and cup of coffee on her cabana. Khrys' house is very nice, right on the water , nice breezes blowing in, the sound of seagulls .....ok Khrys' house has streaming porn on a wide screen TV, who can blame me for hanging out here alot . Its a nice place to get my first fix of nicotine and caffeine and contemplate the agenda for the day .

Soon enough the sun has risen a bit more in the
sky, and what better thing to do... but lay out in it like a lazy bum. Here i am sunning myself on my lounger, sipping a pink flavored drink, and enjoying a copy of OMG magazine . A very nice magazine , with articles on fashion , locations , gadgets , profiles on racing arenas around SL ....ok...its also full of scantily clad women i admit it. But the articles are nice too. To the left in this pic is the white victorian style house owned by my girlfriend Rayne Niven ...right next it hehe

By now ive burned off enough of the clock that Khrys has come online, and what better than to enjoy a nice game of Backgammon with a friend. Here i am strategizing moves to use on Crazy Doll Kabuki. Of course Doll beats me too quickly for me to ever use these moves ....have you ever captured fireflies in a jar and shook them up....sometime id like to find a big enough jar and do that to Doll hehe , and believe me it wouldnt take a big jar either.
----Also seen in this pic is one of my fav boats , my Trudeau Bluewater Schooner, i sometimes take it to Starboard yacht club and sail . Starboards is a very nice place located in the Hollywood sim, they hold regular Flying Tako races there that are always a lot of fun. Also nearby the yacht club is a scenic full 18 hole golf course, a very nice place over all.

----To be continued


tiana meriman said...

i didnt even know you smoked XD hehe sounds like when your a driver you have a lot of time to spend on lazy stuff :P ^^

DesertWolf said...

Not much racing in the life of a SL Race Car Diver....
Hehe yea I know..any down time is quality time.