Sunday, October 14, 2007

FormulaSL wrap-up Awards ceremony

Today was the FormulaSL award ceremony at Hotgates, trophies, money and awards given out for Top 3 teams , and Top 10 drivers. Hosted by Les White, it was a classy ending to a classy SL racing season. With Havok 4 in beta testing , things look bright for a Season 2 . Already the best cars in SL, with acceleration thru RPMs and gears , Pit stops , advance setups, hopefully Havok 4 will take it to the next level.

For those not sure what im talking about (although im not expert) , the Havok system is the physical code in SL, how objects move and interact.. The current system is Havok 1, theyve been developing a new one for a long time, so long its called Havok 4 now.

Jafo and i hoisting our Team Championship trophies during the ceremony

The trophy and plaques i got today , thanks and grats to the other award winners today , it was alot of fun, looking forward to MotoSL motorcycle season #3 .

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