Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MotoSL Season opener

Saturday October 27th , beautiful day at PSU Raceway for the season opener of season #3 of MotoSL. 28 Riders showed, a very impressive turnout for a SL racing event, but even more amazing , with Les Whites low lag track, full descripting of everyone in attendance , and the low script nature of the bikes themselves, this event compared to every other racing event on SL was virtualy lag free.

Yes there was the occaisional blip or 2 of lag for everyone, but even with the crash sensitive bikes.... who will go down with just a little rub on the grass, any lag was manageable and not too detrimental.

I qualified 4th overall and finished 4th overall, not as quite as good as i hoped, but still happy about it . Jafo Tendaze won his first MotoSL race, Motorato Ware 2nd and Silk Bamboo 3rd.
My Team mate Suzy Cuddihy finished 8th overall, crashing and losing the lead in her race to Yuriko Nishi at the very end. Doll Kabuki finished 5th overall in her first Group 1 RaceSL race, congrats Doll =)).

So far OMG magainzine Team has a nice little lead in Team standings, with Jafo and Nacon in 2nd, Suzy and i are in 3rd, with Yum and Doll on the depo team in 4th .
Lots of fun was had by all, next race will be the 2nd saturday in november at Mooz Raceway, looking for to more action .

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