Sunday, October 7, 2007

FormulaSL -Season Finale - Archer 1st -2nd

Last Week at PSU Raceway Jafo Tendaze wrapped up the FormulaSL Drivers Championship with his 7th win of the season.. The series this week came to Snowpeach for race 12 of 12, with several points races still undecided.

Starting in 6th position on the grid at the start , i watched the field peel away from me towards the suicide turn 1 hairpin. The 5 cars in front of me broke up into small groups scrumming for position, at the top of the hairpin was Yamaha Harley, Suzy Cuddihy and Silk Bamboo tangled up, already clear of the hairpin was Jafo and Motorato dueling it out.

I cut the Hairpin sharp below the group of 3 cars to my left, and to my right i saw Moto and Jafo going wide right , suddenly it was like the red sea parted , as i drove thru unscathed into the lead. But unfortunately this lead was not long lived , lag , nerves , and some bad driving eroded my lead allowing Jafo to catch me after 3 laps up front. Motorato and i dueled it out some for 2nd several times , i was able to shake her off, but she got by me while i was in pits for my first pit stop.

Much of the rest of the race i was in 3rd, but some shaky laps allowed the 4th and 5th placed drivers to get right on my butt . i could hear Silk Bamboo's engine roar in my ear for several laps , she finally hit a wall and i was clear. Hoping to retain 3rd place and get a podium spot a swept around the pit turn on lap 28 of 30 and saw Motorato , who had been leading the race for several laps , had spun out and i was by her into 2nd place, where i finished .

Archer Racing started the season race 1 , 2 and 4 , finising 1st and 2nd and we ended the last race 1st and 2nd , it was a very happy moment , securing Archer the Team Championship of FormulaSL season 1 . Also i was able to hold onto 4th place overall from Silk Bamboo who had a late season surge and was threatening to send me into 5th.

Season 1 is over! =) and with great Success for Archer Racing , in the off season we will be hunting for a sponsor to bring us up to the next level as a SL racing team . We move on now to Season 3 of MotoSL , for now Jafo and i part company, he will race for Vincent Nacon while i will race for Pure Racing .

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