Saturday, January 26, 2008

MotoSL Round 8- Mooz with a vengeance!

Ive already stated in my series of blogs that Mooz raceway is not amongst my favorites of the RaceSL series. It was first track i raced in lower than Group A race. I had a horrible race there once in FormulaSL where i was absolutely mugged to little pieces by 2 rookies. Although ive had some ok races here, most memories are not good.

MotoSL round 8 started as all other events, everyone at track de-scripted, and then clicked on the Queuer to enter there names in the race. The Queuer then randomly picks 3 riders to qualify together , 22 racers entered , a field of 5 rookies and 17 pros. The rookies ran their rounds together , then it was time for the pros .

Always ready to go , i waited for Les to hit that button for the 1st pro qualify round , and once again....this has to be 3rd or 4th time , i was in the 1st round .Which means i gotta gear up and get out there and do my thing with 2 other riders first , and my partners are very good riders also, Kandy Tommorow and Yuriko Nishi . After my failure at Snowpeach , where i qualed so badly , i was ready to go , my 1st lap woulda been good enough to stick me into 3rd overall , but my 2nd lap got me Pole Position, which is good , cause none of my other laps were any good, i fell twice.

After the first round i had to sit thru 14 more riders giving it there go , each one a class act and many , serious threats to topple me from Pole , Just Catteneo , Jafo Tendaze, Moto Ware, Yamaha Harley, Ram Pharoah, Doll Kabuki, Caine Beresford, all gave it a go in succession, but when the dust cleared i had held Pole Position =) my first ever in RaceSL .

Sitting on Pole with Jafo on my right sitting 2nd on the grid , nerves were hitting me , but in the end you have no choice but try to do your thing and just get thru it . 3-2-1 go and i got off very good , with Kandy hot on my tail . She got very close several times, the roar of her engine was very loud in my ear, after a lap or 2 Jafo got by Kandy and was after me .

Each time i passed the gate i looked for the rider behind me gate spam , if i can see it before i go around next turn , i know they are close. After a little bit Jafo's spam faded, and i decided to cruise a little easier . After several laps of no spam , i had a slow lap, around thru the gate , then suddenly i could see Jafo's spam as he came thru behind me , hot on my tail on lap 10 . I knew i had to pick up the pace.

3 laps he chased me , gaining on me and was within .980 seconds, when he hit the tires near the pit on lap 13, this gave me clear sailing the last 2 laps , just needed to stay on my bike..........which i did ..hehe . My first ever MotoSL win and 2nd ever RaceLS win, needless to say im very happy.

Moto Ware won the Group B race, with YumYum running a solid 2nd and Ram Pharoah getting 3rd. Doll Kabuki ran a solid Group C race with a big win and rookie Neko Carter came in 2nd in his first RaceSL race ever.

This win puts me from 6th place in standings to 4th place, just ahead of Silk Bamboo, on a sad note, Silk missed this race, even though she showed up just a few minutes too late to get in as a entry . Silk is a top notch competitor and she will be back i know that for sure.

Round 9 is next week at PSU, we are running the course in reverse, which will be very interesting .


Anonymous said...


yey ! nice win sweety :) i 'm really happy you did it :D

may i wish you a (late) merry Xmas and happy new year too?


Anonymous said...

awww thank you =)) i hope you had great holidays too ,lots of hugs for you .