Sunday, January 13, 2008

Road to Snowpeach ...Round 7 MotoSL

Last week Jafo Tendaze took his 4th MotoSL series win at PSU raceway , this week the series is back at the venerable Snowpeach complex owned by Count Bayliss.

The highlight of this event was the Group A race, specificly the battle between Motorato Ware and Kandy Tommorow. Jafo led the pack early , but spilled on lap 3 , giving Kandy a brief lead before Moto was able to jump in front . Kandy was hot on Moto's tail the entire race, falling back some , but then slowly creeping back up during the final laps , heading into the S turn before the finish line on the last lap , Moto didnt quite have the best line and struck the wall sending her flying , Kandy sped past and to victory .

Much congrats to Kandy Tommorow on her win , in the last 1 and half seasons of FSl and RaceSL (18 races total ) only 4 people out of the dozens of participants, had ever won a race, Jafo Tendaze, Just Catteneo , Moto Ware , and me (Crip Oh) .

Silk Bamboo won a controversial Group B race and Suzy Cuddihy's tenacity and persistence won her the Group C race. oh ya i raced too , i fell while leading the Group C race, on the last lap , letting Suzy by for the win .

The last 4 races have been poor performances for me , im now in 6th place overall , with Jafo in 1st, Just Catteneo 2nd, Moto Ware 3rd, Silk Bamboo in 4th, and Suzy pasing me into 5th . Gonna have to sharpen up to keep up with this extraordinarliy talented and competitive field . Next race is 2 weeks at Mooz , time to step up or go home =p

Pic of Silk Bamboo giving me Reiki therapy saturday after the race, at her clinic. Thanks Silk needed that =)

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