Thursday, January 31, 2008

SLASCAR -Winter Season wrap up

January 20th , the last cars crossed the line at Dirtfield to end the Winter Mini-Season. Due to its short length of only a couple months , the competition was fierce for the top spots. Many veterans returned to stake their claim, Jafo Tendaze, Doll Kabuki, Subwoofer Fuhr, Suzy Cuddihy, Greg Drayman, Aybabtu Abaye, Mango Birdbrain, Sonic Costello, Valiant Jewell, Mater Gamba, Dekul Runo. Challenging the vets this season was a skilled crop of rookies including Quick Gazov, Mac Heron, Katier Reitveld, Innes Merriman and Holden Saunders.

With all these vets and fast fresh faces , competition was at its highest since i started racing in SLASCAR, in the end i raced in a total of 19 races, i missed a bunch because of RL work and the holidays. I won 4 races, came in 2nd twice and in 3rd place 4 times. It was enough to bring me home 2 championships , in Baby Grand stocks and Legends.

Final standings-

Baby grands: 1st : Crippy Oh, 2nd: Jafo Tendaze, 3rd: Quick Gazov

Midget cars(Dirt track) : 1st Jafo Tendaze, 2nd : Sonic Costello, 3rd: Subwoofer Fuhr

Pure Stocks(Dirt Track): 1st (tie): Jafo Tendaze & Subwoofer Fuhr, 2nd: Sonic Costello
3rd: Greg Drayman

Legend cars: 1st: Crippy Oh, 2nd : Subwoofer Fuhr, 3rd: Jafo Tendaze

Pro Trucks: 1st: Subwoofer Fuhr, 2nd: Doll Kabuki, 3rd: Crippy Oh

Midnight Madness: 1st : Quick Gazov, 2nd: Mac Heron, 3rd Holden Saunders

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