Sunday, September 21, 2008

Archer Racing MotoSL season 4 and other news

Archer Racing Team for the 2008 MotoSL racing campaign

The time has arrived, the pre-season came to a close on saturday September 20th at the PSU2 track . The season has been officialy scheduled to open on Octover 4th at Mooz Raceway using the classic layout. This was the 4th pre-season race, and although its location was a late announcement on last wednesday, riders were able to get in enough practice for a very competitive day .

There were some exciting moments in the lower group races , with Xia Mirabeau stirring up some cheers by leading for a bit in the Group 4 race, but at the finish it was Abacus Mimistrobell and Molly Fitzgerald moving on using the new top 2 placers in lower group races ,advance to next higher group, should see some exciting runs by riders qualifying in lower groups during the season .

In the end , Yuriko Nishi scored the win after taking the pole , both firsts for Yuriko congrats =)
Jafo 2nd and Just Catteneo 3rd. 21 riders competed today and there were some missing , so its looking like 25 plus will be competing once the show gets rolling .

This is my usual beginning of season post introducing the new team gear , all new stuff since this is Archer Racing's first entry into MotoSL. Les and Jafo came up with the design of our new bikes , sporting the team colors of black, gold and white.
We enlisted the skills of VJ Shojo to create our new uniforms for this season , we are quite happy with the job hes done, VJ is also one of SL's top DJs so keep a eye out for him around the grid .
Having won the last MotoSL season championship, Jafo Tendaze has decided to ride using the venerable #1 that is custom for the championship defending rider to use. Already in the Pre-season Jafo has proved he hasnt lost a step , winning 3 of 4 races. Last season Jafo finished with
234 points , 5 wins , 8 podiums and 6 poles for the NSG team . Jafo is the rider to beat for anyone looking to make their mark in MotoSL .
Yuriko Nishi has re-signed with Archer Racing for this MotoSL season after a great performance in FormulaSL season 2 with the team . Last MotoSL season Yuriko rode with Motorato ware and Silk Bamboo on the OMG team .
Yuriko finished 9th in MotoSL season 3 with 79 points overall. Yuriko is looking fast for this season having won Pre-season race #4 with a pole position too , Yuriko is all ready to give Jafo a run for the money .

Crippy Oh , spent MotoSL season 3 on the Pure racing team , finished season 3rd overall , with 171 points, 2 wins , 6 podiums and 2 pole positions . Looking forward to see how the team looks as a motorcycle team, there are a few very good teams out there ready and willing to knock us (hopefully mostly Jafo =p) off our high horses this season , its gonna be a exciting season as RaceSL always promises and delivers.
This season the team is back to its independant roots , sporting no sponsors except for Yuriko's own motorcycle company --- YUNI Motorcycles.

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