Sunday, February 22, 2009

G1-GP at Monaco

This weeks race for the G1-GP series was one of the more anticipated of the season taking us to the almost mythicly tight streets of Monte Carlo. In preparation for the difficulty of this race, we had a 2 week break and a test race last week for this one .

I think the preparation paid off as many were in good form when it came down to qualify . Sulla
Looming got her 4th straight pole , myself 2nd and Caz Freschi 3rd , lining up a anticipated 20 lap dog fight , with all others more than willing to join .

But fate had it this wasnt to be... Both Sulla and Caz crashed on lap 1 , leaving me out front with Katier Reitveld in 2nd . Caz started off the incidents by solidly hitting the barrier tires on the left while exiting the tunnel chicane, unfortunately for Suku Ming she was also right there, hitting Caz and spinning around pointing the wrong way, like me at Mills , Suku was helpless to do more than watch the whole field pass her by while she got going again, falling from 4th to 10th .

Not long later up ahead Sulla entered a fast S turn too wide striking the outside wall and bouncing off to the perimeter guard railing , a spectacular crash .. where she even got some air this time. Both Caz and Sulla were forced to pit because of the damage .

Meanwhile up ahead, the field continued to race on . Jafo took over 2nd and Yuriko into 3rd after Katier spun out . They both hung on for a good portion of the race, in the mean time , both Sulla and Suku had been working their ways back up . Lap 16 , Sulla had caught back up to Yuriko and Jafo, Jafo pitted out of 2nd , and Yuriko wobbled coming out of turn 1 just a bit, but it was enough for Sulla to power her way by .
Sulla hung on to get 2nd after falling to 10th place on lap 1 , Jafo had a solid race coming in 3rd, Suku also made a great come back after getting involved with the lap 1 incident , Katier also had a solid race getting 5th .
We had a so far season high of 10 cars in this race, thanks to Suzy Cuddihy returning from a unplanned hiatus , wb Suzy... and thanks to our newest member YumYum Divesadero. Next week is Round #6 at Nuerburg , this next one will be the longest race of the season , and using game time speed up , will transition from daytime to nighttime during the course of the race.

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