Monday, April 20, 2009

FormulaSL Season 3 - Racer's Island

Laney Recreant wins big , 2008 FSL Round #4

This was, as many know, one of the more controversial races for RaceSL in awhile. I could go into length here why , but i dont want to take away from Laney Recreant's accomplishment because she certainly had nothing to do with controversey , and everything to do with the high level of skill, poise and class that RaceSL strives for .

Qualifying 5th, Laney raced the early portion of the race in 6th , slowly working her way up to 2nd place around time of the first pitstop and then taking the lead over from Remon Franizzi on lap 17 and never looked back , winning handily . Annie Gufler 2nd, and Yuriko Nishi Nishi 3rd.

Group B was a close battle between Hotspot Racings Silk Bamboo and Ramrod Racing Just Catteneo . Silk led for the first 18 laps before a incident sent her back to 3rd, and then back to 2nd where she chased Just closely for 4 laps before retaking the lead and the win . Just 2nd , myself 3rd. Molly Fitzgerald 4th .

The C race was another exciting one to watch , with 3 leaders swapping off during it , Zaria Falconer of Indrive led early on , then Motorato Ware for a couple laps before the pits . Molly Fitzgerald took over for a bit after the pit stops , before Moto took over for the remaining 8 laps and the winning , Molly 2nd , and Zaria 3rd after bouncing back from being last at one point.

Race D was a big one for Alice Racing vet Darko Revnik who , deservedly led from wire to wire, Darko has been putting in the time and effort in practice and it paid off here with a very nice drive and the advance up to C race. Racers island own Strife Leominster took 2nd and the advance with Am Pro veteran TFFox Tammas getting 3rd.

Next race will be in 2 weeks at the new beautiful desert track . Big thanks to Racers Island to hosting round 4 at their nice new Formula track, despite the controversey , a good time was had by most .

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