Thursday, April 30, 2009

G1-GP Season 2 opener

Wednesday night was the season opener of G1-GP season 2 , the Triathalon....the first race being Legends cars at the Stockton 1/4 mile oval. 11 drivers showed for the tiny oval brawl, 3 more than last seasons opener.

Jafo Tendaze put down the fastest lap in the 2 lap qualify to secure his first pole position . The race began and Jafo looked like he was in good position to take his first G1-GP win, in front and running steady...First lap was my one and only highlight of race, when i passed Sulla Looming who had drifted high in a turn , puting me in 3rd place behind Jafo and Suku Ming.

But the fortunes of racing can often change quickly and they did lap 5 when Nella Bocarra got a little loose coming into a turn and spun out . Jafo barely missed her swerving high, then coming back down into infield , and just barely not getting stuck nose first into wall (Legends cars have no reverse).

I wasnt so lucky , no time and no room to manuever i hit Nella and was then struck by Katier Reitveld , taking us both out of the race. This left veteran driver Suku Ming in the lead and in command for the next 42 laps . But the race was not over , Sulla Looming slowly gained on Suku lap after lap , finaly getting within striking distance in the closing laps (lap 47 of 50) , almost getting by , but Suku was steady as a rock , while Sulla swerved a little losing ground lap 48.

Suku held on for her first G1-GP win ...the following video shows the highlights ive detailed above . Good racing by all, next race is Rally cars on the short Gp track at Lienz.

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