Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Season 1 Highlights- Part 2

Here finaly part 2 of the G1-GP season 1 highlights..still not done though as this covers only rounds 5 and 6, next up will be part 3 with rounds 7 and 8.

After a 4 week pre-season , opening day for Season 2 has finally arrived , with Round 1 being Legends cars at the Stockton 1/4 mile oval. This should be a interesting race, as this track is only half the size of several of the oval raceways in Second Life.

Top drivers of the pre-season were Rattra Raymaker, Sulla Looming and Suzy Cuddihy. With new driver Remon Franizzi making his mark, and proving he will be one to watch.

Full sized WMV of the video can be downloaded at ......

ps note-- Yes the Nuerburg race was that dark by then end ...pitch black

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