Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FormulaSL Round #5 in the Desert

This week we raced at Les White's brand new Desert track , a fast curvy track with fast times and lots of action. 28 drivers came out to brave the heat , with the Italian team in particuliar having a nice size cheering section, once everyone was descripted and ready, Race Director Yum Divesadero got the proceedings underway.

Annie Gufler grabber her 4th pole position , her AM Pro pit crew is honed to a knifes edge with the drivers championship already in sight , a 1 stop strategy scored her a 4th win of the season.
Racers Island Remon Franizzi finished 2nd after qualifying 3rd. Myself 3rd, after qualifying 6th,
Caz 4th, Jafo 5th, Yuriko 6th, Laney Recreant 7th and INDrive's Zaria Falconer 8th.

The A race was a bit of a wild one , lots of spinning and lead changes with Remon Franizzi and Caz freschi taking over the lead from Annie for several laps . At one point on lap 17, the top 5 cars were all very close to one another, at one point 5th place being 2.3 seconds behind the leader. Both Remon and Caz held the lead at this late point in the race, but in the end it was Annie's 1 stop strategy that go her the win, a very good race by everyone.

Yuriko qualified 7th overall and dominated the B race, leading wire to wire to advance, Zaria Falconer was strong in 2nd the whole way too . A closer battle for 3rd between Brave Ashbourne, Ashe Revnik and Ram Pharoah, with Brave getting 3rd in the end . Ram 4th and Molly Fitzgerald 5th .

The C race was all Ashe Revnik's... leading the whole race , with Ram grabbing 2nd for the advance . This race was another good one for places 3rd and down , with alot of good driving and passing, AM Pro boss Abacus Mimistrobell got 3rd and Racers Island's own Nella Bocarra 4th .

The D race looked like it was gonna Suzy Cuddihy and Rattra Raymaker easy for the advance to C, but Rattra fell back some and it was a race for 2nd , between Rattra , Abacus and Ace Crabe.
Ace fell out , but Abacus just barely beat Rattra to the line for the advance and the closest finish of the day .

Round 6th is in 1 week at Raver Bellow's own "Wide Track" in the RD Motorsports sim, we raced there last Bike season, but this is first visit in the cars , should be a fast close race.

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