Monday, May 25, 2009

FormulaSL - Round 7

Round 7 found a little smaller field of 23 drivers attending , cause of the holliday weekend , this time at the PSU 1 track at Motorato Ware's Hotwire racetrack sim . Just check archives if you wanna know how i feel about my luck at this track hehe.

Annie Gufler took her 6th Pole and 6th win of the season , but this time just ahead of Jafo Tendaze looking for his first win of the season . Jafo was hunting Annie for the last 8 laps of the race, closing the gap in the last 3 , but Annie held on for the win . Jafo 2nd , and Laney Recreant with her 2nd podium of season coming in 3rd after advancing from the B group race and putting on a very nice performance in the A group race.

I got a rare glimpse at the front and led for a few laps before my old friend PSU 1 badluck paid me a visit , and i finished 4th overall . Silk Bamboo shared in some of my luck , there was plenty to go around , with a early lead at start of race, Silk looked strong to finish 3rd, but ran into troubles ending up in 5th .

One car i thought would finish higher was Racers Island's own Brave Ashbourne , i heard his engine buzzing close in my ear a few times over several laps , i think Brave was held up sometimes by my shaky driving at that point in race, but he drove much like a racer in RL would without charging thru at first chance no matter what , unfortunately Brave ran into some troubles and fell back before getting by me , finishing in 6th.

Caz Freschi and Yuriko Nishi rounded out the field also having races with heaping helpings of bad luck and technical difficulties. Annie Gufler now leads the points championship by a large margin , with Yuriko in 2nd and Jafo 3rd .

Other highlights of day started in D race , where Amber Raceway veteran Kelly Grumiaux had a good race, driving steady in 2nd place, looking like she would get the advance with Rattra Raymaker who led the whole race, but Kelly ran into trouble, and her own team mate Tracy Torok got by and finsihed 2nd .

C race might have been most chaotic of the day , with alot of collisions alot of off roading and mayhem . The story early in the race was Race island's Nella Bocarra, on a mission to score some points was in 2nd and even led for a bit in early laps of race before falling back , unfortunately finishing 8th after more troubles.

Around laps 5 and 6 the field settled down some , with returning veteran Yamaha Harley holding onto a steady lead, untill he pitted, Yamaha seemed to be in the pits forever before finally exiting in 5th place, Yamaha ended up finishing 3rd and a very good performance despite being rusty .

After the pits DYG driver Darko Revnik took over and led the rest of the 20 lap race, winning his first FSL group race, grats to DYG team they certainly have put in the practice in effort to improve steadily during this season.

The other story of C race was Shoshin racing's Ford Roffo, who has been qualifying well lately but unable to bring home the bacon in the main races, this time was different, Ford hovered around the top 4 all race , driving steady enough to grab 2nd and a pass to the B race.

B race was punctuated mostly by Caz Freschi running a tight race, leading nearly the entire thing , Motorato Ware gave chase early in the race, but contact with traffic put her in trouble around lap 10 . In the end Caz ran into enough problems to get 2nd behind Laney Recreant who filled the void when Moto fell back .

Final results were Laney 1st, Caz 2nd , Moto 3rd , Molly Fitzgerald 4th , and Indrive's Zaria Falconer 5th . Just 1 week till round #8 ...on the oval at Greg Drayman's Kokopelli Raceway . The FSL cars on the oval is always mayhem , and im sure this one wont disappoint.

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i had the new Volvo Collision SYstem with AUTOMATIC Brake Assist, thats why i didnt hit your car.... HOOOOOOOooooooo