Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Day in the Life ..of a SL Race Car Driver..part 2

So anyways .....after sunbathing , reading , gossiping , playing gammon ect... i needed to relax some , so its time to hit the Hot tub. Life on the island has been alot of fun . We are still slowly terraforming and expanding upon it .

We share the sim with the city of Herlit a Gorean role-play city , they are very nice and neighborly, we've have had no problems with them at all...well except for the occaisional cutie in a loin cloth coming over for one reason or another i said problems .

By now its Noon SL time , and for me that means 1 thing , my baby Rayne is gonna pop on during part of her lunch time at work . This is always a time of day i look forward to . We usualy share some close moments in her tea house or my house , or the new Koi pond she has built and supplied with some very nice pose balls .

Rayne and i have been dating for over a month now , and have grown quite close , she is fun and loving , a big supporter of my endeavors and just someone who is always there for me.

Classy, warm and stylish... Rayne is what was missing for me in SL for a little while , ive always had close friends since being here, Charmed Daehlie, Khrys , Ronni, Isolone , YumYum, Doll faced Kabuki, Dinee, Tiana , Jafo and others ...but Rayne has certainly filled a empty spot in my SL life.

As sweet as lunch time is...its also short , usualy still giddy and excited , its time for some adrenaline. A quick hop on the swing set will take care of that .....come by sometime if you ever want a good swing , i love my swing set , its good for drying hair , catching bugs in teeth , counting your toes or just plain getting sick on lol.

By now ...its actualy time to get down to business, what day in a life of a race car driver would be complete without cars

First stop.. is the site of the next FormulaSL race, for some intensive Formula1 practice.

The Formula 1 training for me is amongst the most involved i currently do , practicing at the track every day .The league uses 3 tracks (so far ) and the most advanced race cars on SL , created by Les White, these cars have advanced set ups , whose parameters must be tweaked for every track and every race.

They are scripted to burn fuel and wear out tires , so races include critical pit stops , proficiency at them can spell a win or loss, up a place or down a place, it can be quite a challenge at times. Visit Mooz raceway or if the premier top of the line racing league in SL interests you . bring your wallet or a sponsor though, its pricey , but worth it.

While im at one of Les White's Grand Prix tracks , its always good to get in some practice on Les' racing motorcycles for the upcoming MotoSL season. While the Formula 1 cars Les has built are the best and most advanced race cars in SL , these bikes are easily the best vehicles created so far in SL period, they drive so smooth and nicely .

Unlike most cars and bikes in SL these arent hit the gas and go vehicles , you need to accelerate (and decelerate) thru 6 gears and a tachometer( same with Les' Formula 1 cars also ) , giving you plenty to think about out on the track, gearing , your racing line , your opponents , plus with these babies , you accidentaly stray from pavement to grass and the bike will wreck , sending you flying .

Im quite looking forward to the upcoming season (MotoSL season 3 ) , ive already been picked up by a team sponsored by DEPO and Chester Orbit, a generous sponsor who has done great things to help sponsor the RaceSL leagues.

Next stop is my first love in SL racing , Fairgrounds raceway , i came here in what seemed so long ago and was immediately inspired to become involved in the racing season here . Run by Suku Ming and Toby Rainbow, if its variety in SL racing you want , this is where they keep it . 2 full sized oval tracks , 1 paved , 1 dirt , that also include several tracks within both sims . A paved large oval, paved small oval and paved figure 8. The dirt track owned and run by Toby Rainbow includes a large dirt oval and dirt figure 8 . These sims are sponsored and part of the Pontiac collection of sims .

The variety doesnt stop there either, Suku and Toby offer 13 classes of cars to race, 6-8 races on 2-4 days a week. Car classes include Late Models (pictured , Nascar type car) , Street Stock, Limited modified, Grand American modified, Mini-stock, Dirt Midget , Go Kart, Pure Stock, Pro Truck , Pontiac Solstice, Dirt late model modifieds, Legends cars and Sprint cars . Teleport into the Garage sim sometime and check out the wide variety of cars available on the vendors located at TP spot .

So finaly another hard day is coming to a end , time to peel out of my stinky racing leathers and become a lady again. I like to put on a nice dress, and get into the arms of my sweetheart Rayne and go dancing somewhere nice , passing the rest of the day with my loved ones..... with another day just on the horizon .... i cant wait . Thank you for sharing in some of the activities that occupy a typical day for me on SL =)

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tiana meriman said...

the f1 and the motorcycle look really cool. you must really feel the full immersion of piloting one of those when you have to shift gear and everything. thats really awsome