Friday, September 14, 2007

Crippy Oh turns 101...easy on the SLex please!!

Last night Crippy Oh hobbled her old butt across the finish line in her 100th and 101st races of her Pontiac Raceway Park career. I came in 2nd place in Go Kart and Late Model races held at Mooz Raceway. As always big thanks to Suku Ming and Toby Rainbow and my fellow drivers, Jafo Tendaze, Doll Kabuki, Suzy Cuddihy, Subwoofer Fuhr, Greg Drayman , Mater Gamba and the whole crew it was a fun night as it always is . Subwoofer got the win in the Go Karts and Greg Drayman got a big win in the Late Models , which he has been training hard for . Grats all .

My placement stats in 101 races add up to the following -------
Wins: 21, 2nd Place: 26, 3rd Place: 24, 4th place: 6
5th place: 11, 6th place: 6, 7th place: 1, Did Not Qualify: 6

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