Sunday, September 23, 2007

MotoSL -- Pre-season race

Saturday was the first Pre-season race of MotoSL , 21 riders came out and gave the track a spin in qualify and 4 group races. Fun was had by all , i think , i heard no complaints hehe.

This season is shaping up to be quite a interesting mix of teams when compared with FormulaSL. The top 3 FormulaSL team drivers are all riding for different teams in Moto SL . Motorato and Xia form OMG's bike team , Silk Bamboo and Thorn are the Red wings, Yamaha Harley and Bike Racer ride for Domino Designs, Jafo Tendaze and Vince Nacon race for Vince's team, and Suzy Cuddihy and me , ride for the Pure team. Thats 6 team mates in FormulaSL that now ride on 5 different teams.

As for the Group 1 race of the day itself i will cut and paste the short narative from the RaceSL website---

Motorato Ware of OMG Magazine gave us all a refresher course on why she has the number 1 plate with a clean victory after 15 laps. Crippy Oh of Pure Racing was hot on her tail after a battle with Jafo Tendaze, but unable to close the gap by lap 15. Crippy finished second over all with Jafo 3rd

=))) ..more to come on MotoSL, this is also a big week for FormulaSL leading up to next weekends Race #11. After the Motorcycle race i went to a Horse race in the Antiquity sim , it was very cool, although i didnt see any racing before i crashed, i got to see lots of horses and thats what counts =)

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tiana meriman said...

give it your best crippy! were all counting on you ^^