Monday, September 10, 2007

Race # 9 FormulaSL -Crippy returns to podium

Finally the internet gods allowed me to be online long enough to make it around 30 laps of the Group 1 race and come in 2nd place. Timing had to be impecable though cause i crashed offline just 15 minutes after the race was completed, which as the new rules states if you crash offline while in a race.... you are out... DNF (did not finish), no place , no money, no points. Grats to Motorato for her 3rd win of the season and grats to Suzy Cuddihy for her 2nd straight podium at 3rd place, both have really been kicking some butt.

But it did turn out well =) Motorato Ware of the OMG magazine team is looking hot in this final part of the season and is putting pressure on Jafo for the driver title and on Archer Racing for the team title . 3 more races remain, the next one being at Mooz , were gonna have to pull out all the stops to come out on top. For the full official run down of race # 9 at Snowpeach raceway, check out , for pictures and race commentary , and the SLodcast video of the event, which should be up soon.


tiana meriman said...

way to go crippy! good job ^^

Doll Kabuki said...

Woo hoo wtg Crippy!

Anonymous said...

Well done sweety :)

a little kiss


Crippy Oh said...

LILYU!!! omg , ive missed you one of my closest friends , confidants and friends on SL. Please log on sometime so we may chat and catch up , hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

yes, i will, Crippy

i have missed you too