Friday, November 9, 2007

Pontiac Raceway Park '07 Finale

Fresh from the race tonite , a 250 lap throw down , featuring one of the banner classes of the league, the Late Models. Late Models are basicly NASCARs .

At first, with a early part of the race fraught with troubles, including me flying out of racetrack twice and the sim crashing, i didnt think i would have much to say good about this race, but it ended up being quite a race.
My early troubles causing red flags , put me at the back of the line on the restarts several times, but then things began to click. After a "proto-type" pit stop around lap 50 , the first thing of this type tried in the league, i was able to pop up into 2nd place, hot on Subwoofer Fuhrs heels.

It was quite a duel , lasting about 30 laps before i was able to pull ahead of Subwoofer. i led for about another 30 laps before another red flag brought the race to a halt again, a good opportunity for racers to rest there sore hands. The Late Models can be quite challenging to drive and can wear out your hand after just 30 laps, and we were up to 120 by now .

I was sitting in the front of the line for the restart hoping to keep my groove going , but disaster struck after just three quarters a lap, i hit the wall and flipped on my roof, another red, Crippy back to end of line ( the rule for causing a red) .

Race restarts again , lap after lap i claw my way up again finaly its Greg Drayman and me dueling it out for 1st place, for atleast 20-30 laps we traded the lead back and forth , very close racing , but Greg and i became stuck for a moment , causing yet another red flag . Back to end of the line for Crippy.

By now we were on i think around lap 200 to 210 , my hand aching , there would be no more come backs, Jafo started out restart in front and stayed there till end for the win, i was in 4th most of rest of race, battling up to 3rd a little . But falling back again, a couple brutal final laps and rough dueling between me and Subwoofer , i some how managed to cross the line in 3rd...sorry Subby, race over , thank god .

This wraps up the 8 month 2007 at Fairgrounds and Dirtfield, a upcoming blog will detail the final results and standings of the 13 car divisions .

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