Sunday, November 11, 2007

MotoSL ....Race 2

This saturday was race #2 at Mooz Raceway ....32 drivers competed, with a sim load of 38 people . Those numbers alone are enough to send most people familiar with SL screaming bloody murder into the night in fear of painfull lag . Most events in SL you attend with 30 , 40 or more people , your lucky to get 1 frame a second and usualy have to hope the friend that tped you into that mess was in a good location , cause even just moving around is a chore.

But luckily RaceSL races are no script events , so most people were able to enjoy it with minimal lag , although a few with higher pings still suffered unfortunately.

As with each event , the qualifying round gets things started , more stressfull than the actual race, qualifying determines which group race your in or even if your gonna be racing at all, top 23 move onto 1 of 4 group races on the day . Luckily i was able to get in one of my better qualifying rounds since i have been racing in RaceSL and ended up 4th in a very competitive and tight field, only 1 second seperated 1st place qualifier from the 12th place qualifier.

Group 2 race was notable with Depo team mate Doll Kabuki running a excellent race, leading nearly wire to wire, with bike pro Silk Bamboo giving her a serious race after a first lap crash started her out early in back of the field . Lap by lap Silk crept up on Doll, the excitement was building in the observation room , Doll held her own very well, but it was obvious on the last lap Silk was gonna be in position to try a pass. Doll held her off for half of the lap , and looked in controll, but it seemed Doll was hit with a lag pause narrowing the gap between them to nothing , into the next turn they went side by side and collided, neither went down , but Silk got the worst of it allowing Doll to pull away to a impressive win .

Next was Group 1 race, with me sitting 4th on the grid , and high hopes. 3-2-1 , and were off, i fall to 6th in the first turn , which isnt bad when 1st is still within sight. But turn 2 resulted in a collision with Yamaha Harley, and i got the worst of it going down . Getting back on my bike i never really recovered , chasing Yamaha for more than half the race, he ran very well, with no mistakes to allow me to catch up.

Bike Racer went down , putting me up to 5th still chasing Yamaha , although i was making a few mistakes here and there, allowing him to pull away more and more. Even after another wreck , i was still in a good position , Pole sitter Just Catteneo went down and fell back to last , putting me up to 4th place. But again just sloppy riding put me down on the ground on the 2nd to last lap , Bike Racer (thats his name) passed me , and i ended up 5th . Jafo Tendaze led wire to wire for his 2nd straight win , Yamaha Harley ran a excellnet steady race and ended up 2nd , after Motorato Ware had just 1 costly wreck putting her in 3rd.....looking for redemption in 2 weeks when the series moves to Snowpeach .

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