Sunday, November 25, 2007

MotoSL - race #3...Oh no...Oh so close

Race #3 of the MotoSL season at Snowpeach , was another packed house, 28 riders qualifying on the day, this being one of my favorite tracks on the circuit i was hopefull it would be a good day .

Luck struck first kinda during qualifying , where i ended up qualifying in the very last group of the day , a long wait , but the advantage was that only Doll Kabuki and i lined up on the grid to run our qualifying laps , while the rest of the field ran in groups of 4 .
I tried to overdue it a bit knowing the lucky break we had, i got a good enough lap to qualify me 4th on the day on my first timed lap, but i went for more, which resulted in 2 wrecks and 2 not as fat laps hehe, oh well not complaining about 4th on the grid. Just Catteneo took pole position away from Jafo Tendaze, who had been holding onto it since the first Qual group of the day ran .
My Pure and depo team mates Suzy Cuddihy and YumYum Divesadero both ran great races in the Group 2 race to take 1st and 2nd , 3rd Pure Driver RamsesIII Pharoah took the checkered in the group 3 race, all looked very impressive .

Next was the main event for places 1st to 6th , usualy my strategy is to take it easy on the start , alot of problems happen in the 1st couple turns that can really set you back , and with a field consisting of Just Catteneo, Jafo T, Motorato Ware, and Silk Bamboo, such a mistake can be unsurmountable to make up.

But this time was different, i dont know why , i just went for it. 3-2-1 go, and all 6 racers jammed thru 6 gears to hurtle towards the suicide hairpin.. i was pretty clear on all sides with Jafo and Just in front of me , im sure Moto close beside, i hit the sweet spot and jammed on the brakes while flipping my gear down to 3rd, around the tight right hand hairpin , i dont know who , Jafo and Just im sure, close around me , a quick left turn after the hairpin...4th gear , 5th gear , 6th gear , then one of toughest turns a hard fast left , down to 5th gear , back up to 6th gear , by now i was in the lead.

In the lead , thats where i would stay for the next 14 laps , dodging fallen riders and bikes, surviving lag pauses , short ones when someone wrecked bad, long ones when bikes collide together, doing whatever i could just to stay on my bike. Reading gate spam i could see Silk was in 3rd as i passed behind rez lane after the hairpin, this told me one thing ...whoever was in 2nd place was between finish/start line and me , which is not a big gap.....lap 13 , relaxing trying to just play it safe , lap 14 goes by , if someone was very close behind me , i would see their gate spam before i reach the hairpin turn 1, but spam , turn 1 , turn 2 lap, turn 3 ............

turn 4

i go too far inside , the side of my bike scraping against the concrete wall, i go down in a crash ....hurrying to my bike... i have troubles getting it pointed right way , but i soon get going , rounding turn 5 , i find disaster, at least 3 riders crashed..i get stuck in the melee of riders trying to get going again .... finaly i get around the final turn and across the finish line....3rd place, what i would describe as 3rd place the hard way lol.

Just Catteneo took his 1st MotoSL and RaceSL victory , with Silk Bamboo in 2nd , Moto Ware in 4th, Blackjack 5th and Jafo 6th .. Very happy to say even with 3rd i still manage to capture my first MotoSL podium spot and first podium for depo Motorsports, our generous and very gracious hosts and sponsors.. next race is slated for next week on December 1st , maybe at new circuit track Teller speedway , but atm this is still tenative .

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