Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pontiac Raceway Park season comes to end

After a blistering 8 month season the Pontiac Raceway Park season has come to a end . It was here at the Motor sim i came so long ago it seems and met Mr. Tiger Noh in the infield painting his cars , seeing those and hearing that there was organized races held at the beautifully done track , i knew i had to get involved. I bought my first cars , #84 B-mod and #77 Nova Street stock and i was ready .

My first race on the track was just a few days away on a friday i believe, it was the street stocks . I think i suprised myself as much as everyone else, by leading most of the race untill i T-boned Sabrina Lachman who had spun out , i finished 2nd behind YumYum Divesadero , and i was hooked.

127 races later (according to the records i kept all through the season), the Monster season comes to a close. I managed 26 wins in that time , which i feel is decent vs such talented drivers as Jafo Tendaze, Subwoofer Fuhr, Doll Kabuki, YumYum, Dekul Runo, Greg Drayman , Tiger Noh, even track owners Suku Ming and Toby Rainbow sometimes, and many others who always showed up ready to race for first place.

In the end i managed to wrap up championships in the Super/Street Stock, Late Model stocks, Mini-stocks and tied for championship with Subwoofer Fuhr in the Grand American Modified division.

Subwoofer took home the championship in B-mods , Legends, Pro-Trucks, Racing Karts and a tie with me in Grand Ams.

Jafo Tendaze brought home championships in Dirt Midgets , Dirt late Models and Pontiac Solstices.

Doll Kabuki wears the crown this season for Pure Stocks and Sprint cars.

Throughout the long season there was many exciting races , at one point after 2 consecutive wins in Street stocks , i had beaten Subwoofer Fuhr in both races by a combined time of less than 1 second difference.

The limited winter season has already begun and theres been already several exciting races, looking forward to the 2008 season which begins in march 2008, and hopefully the positive changes that will come with the release of Havok 4 =)

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