Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2007...a Year in review

After a failed attempt to get into playing SL in 2006 , encouraged by tales from my friends Charmed Daehlie and Dinee Ghia, i decided to give SL a 2nd try and on February 2nd , 2007 Crippy Oh was born . I spent a fair amount of time on Helper Island to familiarize myself with the game system and later that same day (rez day), Charmed logged on and began to show me around , buying me my first hair , lending me some cash and showing me the best freebie places.

My first day in SL

My experience with SL this second try was much more positive , the first time it was just plain too laggy for me. My first couple days were spent being enthralled by Charmed , her home , her many beautiful outfits, i was quickly becoming entranced with SL and its wide open possibilites.

A more refined Crippy after playing a few days . Shopping at one of my fav stores , Delicious Results.

By day 5 i had started to explore a little more and happened upon Club Prominence owned by Hanako Calamari. It was at Prominence i got my first job as a dancer, and met several people who remain friends of mine to this day , including Emilie Watkins, EcleticJohn Niven,and Misty Gentil. Charmed came and worked at Prominence for a short time , but eventualy the club closed when Hanako returned to her studies as a medical student, i still have many fond memories of this place and it was my first real hangout in SL. Emilie Watkins currently has a successfull clothing store in SL , making riding clothes and various normaly hard to find clothing items.

My 3rd incarnation after playing about 1 month, wearing my Dragonfly skin

After Prominence i had more spare time on my hands and began to explore SL more , around this time in early March i came upon Motorati Island, i got my first car , then first motorcycle , soon i was standing in the infield at Fairgrounds speedway , wondering , how do i get in on this . At Fairgrounds i met many people who are also still my friends to this day , YumYum Divesadero, Doll Kabuki, Jafo Tendaze, Suku Ming , Toby Rainbow , Subwoofer Fuhr, Sabrina Lachman. Getting involved in the SLASCAR league consumed my time on SL , even after getting hired at Club 250 thanks to Misty Gentil who was a manager there.

Posing with my FormulaSL and SLASCAR trophies

Club 250 became another important segement of my time on SL, meeting long time friends Frosty Sinatra, Skates Coronet and Lilyu Jewell. Lilyu soon became one of my closest companions in SL and remains a important part of my online life. Club 250 was a great hangout , from dancing on the tables , to dance events , to just hanging out chatting with strangers and friends. Frosty even sponsored one of my SLASCAR cars before he left the club for a career in poker.

Crippy Oh today

Skates Coronet eventualy completed his long time project , Club Genesis , and this became the next phase in SL for me , meeting friends Ronni Boa , the gorgeous Rayne Niven who also became a close and very important companion to me to this very day, and many other lovely personalities i still see and speak to time to time.

During my time working at Genesis i finally made my way to the venerated race courses of Mooz and Misp and met people who by this time were nearly legendary to me by now , Les White, Motorato Ware , Silk Bamboo, Suzy Cuddihy. I formed Archer racing with Jafo Tendaze and competed in Season 1 of Les Whites beautifuly done FormulaSL, going on to win the team championship with Jafo. Over time RaceSL has become my passion on SL, and ive met many great people thru it , Shiryu Musashi, VJ Shojo, LUCA Rosmer, Chester Orbit, Bennet Dynamo and all the nice people at Depo.

In flight hunting for Doll Kabuki

During this period my interests in SL became many and varied, sailing at the Hollywood sim and its ajoining sims, Dinee Ghia introduced me to Bloggers with Blades where i met Tiana Merriman , Zoe Connoly and Desertwolf Longstaff. Spurred on some by Zoe Connoly's very nicely done blogs and my interest in the Victorian period i became quite interested and involved in Steampunk in SL and some late 19th century play. I became a Human Assassin in the SL world of NoR , a post-apocalypse setting based on race, experience points , skills , levels and roleplay .

Looking back at 2007 , i enjoyed my time in SL very much. Im still very involved in SL , managing Archer Racing and hoping for a successfull 2nd season of FormulaSL. Mooz Raceway and Club Genesis are still my main haunts. I have just moved into a beautiful Victorian mansion with Rayne Niven . I still enjoy very much hearing about the RL and SL of my friends, when i get a half a chance to catch up with them. Heres to hoping 2008 is a fun, involving and engaging as 2007 was.....

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Charmed said...

Awww! Crippy you are the sweetest thing. I'm glad I was able to start your secondlife pleasantly. I enjoyed every minute we spent together. It was fun being able to show you around. You learned everything so quick! *big hugs*