Saturday, February 16, 2008

MotoSL Round #10 ...Victory at Snowpeach

Finally...after coming 2nd at Snowpeach , my fav track on RaceSL circuit, 3 times in the past ....i finally grabbed my first win ever there. Although for this round the track was run in reverse direction.

No crashes for me allowed me to hold off a hard charging Kandy Tommorow who gained .500 or more time per lap for last 3 laps , but finished 3 seconds behind me. Kandy also took the Pole Position for the day ...sticking me into spot #2 by beating me by .002 of a second. Also by a coincidence Just Catteneo ran the fastest lap of the race, beating my fastest lap by .002 seconds!

Just Catteneo finished 3rd, Jafo 4th , Doll Kabuki 5th and Caine Beresford finished 6th . This win puts me in 3rd in individual standings overall , and finally allowed us to pass Jafo Tendaze and the NSG team into 2nd place in team standings.......Jafo had literaly been holding us off nearly single heandedly for the last 9 races.

Group B race was a good one, although crashed filled except for Yuriko Nishi who led the field flawlessly throughout, unfortunately Yuriko took a bad spill on the last lap allowing Matt Birke to make up a 9 second gap and beat her by just .313 of a second.

Group C was another thriller , a 10 lap neck to neck battle between Pure rider Ram Pharoah and Depo rider YumYum Divesadero. Yum did quite well holding him off untill lap 6 when Ram got by, Lap 7 was still very close , but Yum encountered heavy traffic and fell back almost 5 seconds on lap 8-9, Ram fell the last lap and Yum squeeked by to win by just .134 seconds.

The event was a great turnout , 25 racers queing up for the day , now the series moves to the 2nd to last race of the season at Mooz in 2 weeks , with a FormulaSL test race next week.
Im hoping to keep up my momentum gaining 67 points in last 3 races, and thats after only getting 23 points in 4 races before that.

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