Saturday, February 23, 2008

FormulaSL pre-season and other stuff

Today was the 2nd Test race of the upcoming FormulaSL season 2. Held at PSU raceway on the brand new PSU 2 track, the longest track weve ever run on , and a very well put together layout by Les White.

Excitement for the upcoming season has been growing, we had 15 driver Que up at Test #1, and 25 Que up at today's Test #2. So far there has been controversy within the Archer ranks on what car we will race this season , Jafo has put together a very nice model he built himself , but when it came down to race time , Jafo saddled up in the car built by Just Catteneo and i stuck with the car built by Abacus Ministrobell .

3 cars ran qualify at once this time, and luck would have it , Jafo and i were amongst the first group. Jafo ran fast and set and held pole position. I wasnt so lucky , registering a so-so time and slowly lost position as the other 22 drivers after us took to the track . In the end i ended up in 5th overall.... setting the top grid at Jafo, Grosmanteau DeCuir, Just Catteneo, Dolli Dreamweaver or whatever , Doll Kabuki's new racing alt, me and Yamaha Harley.

The other group races were exciting , especialy Group B where the lead changed several times with Mango Birdbrain coming out on top . Group A race promised to be a good one . Onto the grid we went and Les sent us off with a gate countdown . The first couple laps were very tight , i kept Jafo, Gros and Just close in my sights with Yamaha right on my tail . Poor Dolli hit a patch of grass and flipped her car early , taking her out of running for the win.

Lucky for me the 3 cars ahead of me were all over each other , eventualy allowing me to slip by into the lead, with Yamaha still running fast behind me , round and round the track we went , the sound of his engine very loud in my ear. At some point i think he slipped on a little grass, and i was able to pull away . A few laps later, after i seemingly fended off the attack of team mate Jafo, Yamaha came from no where and passed me , but he pitted the same lap , allowing me to pass back into the lead.

Into the pits i went the next lap , coming out i was 2nd , at some point i think Yamaha had some troubles and i was able to jump ahead of him again and never look back, even after my 2nd and 3rd pit stops i remained in the lead till the end , crossing the line for my 2nd win of the FormulaSL pre-season (having won test race #1) , with Yamaha 15 seconds behind me .

The next stop for FormulaSL i think will be Mooz where Les plans to make it Havok 4 after the upcoming MotoSL race next week . 4 victories out of the last 5 MotoSL events , i dunno if im eating my wheaties or what , but i like it and hope my luck doesnt run out soon .

And other stuff----

The other day i was hanging out at Mooz race track and met Niki Wilder and McKinney Allen who run Air Races out of Niki's sim. After going over the whole RaceSL spiel with them , telling them the whole story and format of the league , we went off to Les Whites playground at Misp .

There we were joined by Jafo , we played Sim Invaders, Les' space invaders type arcade game , where your AV stands at arcade machine , but the game itself is in the sky above you , very cool. we played Arena ball , a indoor soccer type game , we flew airplanes , even dogfighting a little, since Niki wanted to try flying in Havok 4, which is what Misp has.

Then we took to the sea , rezzing our Siege Guild warships and fighting a sea battle , lots of fun .
After all this Niki took us to her sim where we tried Air Racing around pylons , i found it to be very challenging and fun. Although i hoped to participate in their league races this Thursday , i was too busy , so more practice and hopefully i will next thursday .

upcoming posts ....Finally ! i will post about Yuni Motorcycles, beautifuly done high prim Motorcycles by Yuriko Nishi .
Also a pictorial tour of Haven Manor , the new house i share with Rayne Niven .

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