Sunday, February 3, 2008

MotoSL Round 9---Crippy Oh...2 in a row ??

This saturday was MotoSL round 9 at PSU raceway , always a fun event , 22 riders showed for the toughest racing competition in SL . Gonna keep this one short and sweet though.

Qualifying round was a bit of a bear this time around a sweaty bear lol, Just Catteneo and i decided to ride around and clunk heads for a bit before finally getting in some good laps , wasted 3 of the 5 qualifying laps though, but it was good enough to get me 3rd overall on grid, with Jafo on Pole position and Just 2nd, also in Group A race was Silk Bamboo, Caine Beresford and rookie Grosmanteau DeCuir.

One thing i love about MotoSL is im much faster out of gate at start than in the Formula1 cars, lights went out on the group A race and i was off, Jafo in my crosshairs, i was tight around first turn and into 2nd place chasing Just.

Just crashed his bike lap 3 and i was in the lead. One bad point for me for this race , was computer problems , i was racing with no sound , alot of shifting and knowing how close people are to you is all based on hearing sound . But i didnt let that phase me , 11 laps i led the field, at one point by 12 seconds.

I got hung up on the hairpin fence once and crashed my bike another time, but was still able to hang onto lead. But Just Cattaneo was closing fast. Just was by far the fastest on the track during the week of practicing , i knew i better pick it up. No sound though , means not hearing person is close behind you and Just found his spot and made his move , cleanly passing me on lap 13.

Another crash on last lap and Jafo was able to pass me , in the end i got a podium and 3rd place, but another missed opportunity to score big. Kandy Tommorow ran brilliantly again and won the group B race, Yamaha Harley and Vinnie Niangao put on quite a show , dueling it out for 10 laps in the Group C , Yamaha was like a rock though , Vinnie would beat him into a turn and Yamaha would beat him out , Yam came home for the win .

Next MotoSL race in 2 weeks at Snowpeach , like this week , the regular layout will be run reversed for the race.
---On a side note today, saturday February 2nd was Crippy AVs 1st rez day =))

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