Thursday, December 27, 2007

Homeless Crippy Oh

Since losing my home on Mistress isle , life has been a little different for Crippy Oh in
SL . Often i find my self waking up in the park , the flowers smell nice and the grass is
soft and comfy , but still not the same as my big bed and silk sheets. Here i am waking
up at sunrise in the park at the Fallen Reflections sim, very nice, but not home.

Good thing about parks is usualy plenty of pretty waterfalls to bathe in , i just got a nice
new menu driven shower , but this is nice too , but also public . Here i am bathing in a
waterfall at Fallen Reflections.

Being homeless doesnt make you shop less i found out , but now it seems i have to
go to public areas and sandboxes to try on new clothes.
Club Genesis has become my hangout , which has its perks, that... or you will find me
ejecting jerks at Mooz raceway. Hopefully very soon Rayne and i will have a nice new
big plot of land to put our new big house on.

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