Friday, December 19, 2008

Group1 GP Racing league holds another test....

Wednesday we held another test race , this time at the Nuerburg sprint layout. The test was a little bumpy, and had to be restarted one time, but otherwise was alot of fun . This was our first test using what will more than likely be the official class cars of the league , LMP 675 prototype Sportscars.

These speedy cars require discipline on the twisty road tracks , a slight mistep and you will be involved in a costly spin out. In the test race , Jafo and myself seemed to have the steadiest hand and drove a close race for almost the first half . But alas my fellow test racers made a few costly pit stop miscalculations ( or no calculations as it were) and i won with Jafo only 10 seconds behind despite his error.

The Group1 GP league will be for any SL based racing enthusiasts willing to come out and particpate. We will be racing a 10 race season over hopefully 10 to 12 weeks time . With cash prizes for each race and end of season . We will be racing on full sized real world simmed tracks. Most tracks are 3 to 4 and half miles in length. With lap times around 1:30 to 2 minutes each .

Official races and tests are held at 5pm SLT on wednesdays , and maybe bumped up to 5:30 pm to accomodate some drivers RL schedules. We have also been racing on other days if we feel like it , infact in this pre-season mode anyone participating can request a test for anytime and we will see what we can do about getting some drivers on the track .

Race format includes a open practice, a open qualify, then the race itself, which.. although we are racing Le Mans style cars, will be short, 30 to 35 minutes , which is approx 15 to 25 laps on these full size courses.

Races will include pit stops , spin outs and crashes , full computer regulated rules and penalties, including yellow flags , blue flags and black flags for naughty drivers . Computer doals out penalties automaticly for such infractions as.... jumping the start , cutting the track , speeding in pits , disobeying blue flags . Penalties include... drive thru, stop and go and of course the black flag, which means disqualified.

Only 4 drivers this test , but we expect to grow after the hollidays from 5 current drivers testing to 7 or 8, and hope to have 10 to 15 when we begin the official Season. We will continue to run our test races to get new drivers used to how the show runs and the nuances involved, so hopefully no one is beffuddled about any aspect when the green drops on opening day of the season . If this interests you , contact me in game about details , and hurry up and join our tests before Jafo T. gets much more practice out there =)

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