Monday, December 15, 2008

MotoSL Season #4- Snowpeach GP 2

Annie Gufler takes her 5th top step of season

This round of the MotoSL season takes us back to classic Snowpeach for the 2nd time, which is fine with me cause i like this track alot =) . This synergy seemed to pay off , when i managed to qualify 3rd despite a very laggy qualify round for me , and my seeming inability get off the proverbial "Schnide" as far as qualifying .

Annie was hot , grabbing her 2nd straight pole with a lap nearly a half second faster than Yuriko in 2nd, Jafo landed on 4 and TFox Tammas 5th , for a all Archer/ AM Pro top 5 .

This showdown would have to wait though , as Just Catteneo made a bid to join the Group A party. Just qualified 16th , which means he was on pole for the opening D race, which he won decisively .This race also saw some good racing from Nella Boccara 2nd, Hakuna Albatross 3rd and track owner Count Bayliss 4th...these 3 put on some good racing as Just ran away with it.

With the group D win Just advances to 6th on grid for Group C, which had league favorite chimpanzee... Ford Roffo on pole. But to be honest im not even sure what happened to poor Ford, slingshot-fast-starting-pro Ram Pharoah got a great start from the 3rd spot and sped away into lead after the 1st turn , with Just Catteneo close behind all the way from the back .

Just got by Ram on lap 2 , Holden fell back by lap 4 , the remainder of the race was Just in the lead and Ram in hot pursuit but unable to overtake . Just , Ram , Suzy Cuddihy, Holden , Rattra Raymaker and Ford was the finish order.

Just stayed on his bike and on the track as he waited for the field of the group B race to roll out onto the race track . Josephina Gears was on the pole though and would not be denied, despite a valiant effort by Just who ran 2nd the whole time untill a late race fall let Stang Voom by, Stang finished 2nd , Just 3rd.

Hoping my bad luck of last several rounds might finally be behind me ...i started out well as the green fell on the group A race. I got past alot of trouble at the first turn hairpin and was in hot pursuit of Jafo who came thru the start cleanest and jumped to early lead. Annie accidentaly shut the door on a faster accelerating Yuriko and sent her crashing into the grass even before turn 1 , and Annie got the worst of the trouble at the pin , and fell back to 4th .

Lap 2 is about where my luck ran out , i was hit by some bad lag , not sure if just on my end , but hard to say as i fell from 2nd , all the way back to 5th . Annie jumped to 2nd lap 3 , and then got passed Jafo who crashed on lap 8. Yuriko had made her way up to 3rd and Joesephina Gears was running 4th .

I chased far behind untill i passed a fallen Joesephina lap 13 and was soon hot on Yurikos heels . I rather see Yuriko win the race , then be fighting over 3rd with her , but a race is a race, so all i could do was wish her luck and do my best ....unfortunately Yuriko fell lap 14 and i was by into 3rd where i finished, with Yuriko 4th , Josephina 5th, Fox Tammas 6th .

My 8th career podium at Snowpeach was bitter sweet, as AM Pro Rider Annie Gufler , after 8 races, stretched her lead to 29 points over Yuriko in 2nd, and 36 over Jafo in 3rd. Its the holliday break for MotoSL now , but will return on January 3rd for round 9 at Mooz.

Below is a screenshot introduction to a new pet project of mine, been putting together a group of SL based racers to compete online in the Rfactor racing game. So far we have a small group and it is growing, if you race rfactor or just want info , contact me in SL and i will see what i can do =)

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